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Stixis Technologies and Jidoka to deliver RPA solutions in South Africa

Stixis Technologies and Jidoka to deliver RPA solutions in South Africa

Stixis Technologies, an IT products and strategic services and consulting enterprise, expands into the robotic process automation global market by signing a collaboration agreement for the implementation of Jidoka robots in the United States, as well as in India and South Africa.

Under this partnership agreement, Stixis will deliver state of the art enterprise business process autonomation (BPA) services and solutions applying Jidoka’s RPA technology for the development and orchestration of software robots.

By combining specific software and professional services, RPA (robotic process automation) allows companies to automate their business processes by means of ‘software robots’, programmes that replicate human interactions with computer applications without modifying existing systems, reducing manual intervention in repetitive tasks by up to 80%.

“We are aware of the benefits in terms of savings and ROI optimisation that RPA technology can deliver to companies, in our continuous commitment to excellence we have found in Jidoka the ideal partner for this automation journey”, says Rayudu Dhananjaya, President and CEO of Stixis Technologies.

With the signing of this agreement, Stixis joins Jidoka’s partner network, with an international presence in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Portugal, Brazil, and Chile among others.

According to Jidoka’s CEO, Víctor Ayllón, “The partnership with Stixis opens up challenging new opportunities to widely deploy our software robots in strategic markets such as the United States, India and South Africa, alongside a reliable and competitive technology partner”.