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Developer walks away with SilverBridge Awesome Projects award

Developer walks away with SilverBridge Awesome Projects award

SilverBridge developer Tsundzukani Davi Mhlongo has walked away with the first prize in the customer category award of the annual SilverBridge Awesome Projects campaign.

His SmartGrid solution simplifies the way Exergy users resolve validation errors.

“Tsundzukani joined SilverBridge as an intern in 2016 following which he was appointed as a permanent staff member. This illustrates just how effective the Awesome Projects internal campaign is in unlocking the potential of our employees irrespective their job level or areas of expertise,” said Claudette Steynberg, Product Manager at SilverBridge.

Exergy is the foundation that SilverBridge develops complex products. Each of these contain a comprehensive list of input parameters that are validated to ensure that acceptance criteria are met. As part of this, a list of errors and error combinations are setup up by configurators to make sure that the input parameters are captured correctly.

Users often struggle to resolve these errors as they are mostly technical. They require extensive training to learn how the products work and how to revolve the validation errors. SmartGrid makes the process more effective as users do not need to search where the errors are.

“When I started working at SilverBridge, I played around on the system and familiarised myself with it,” said Mhlongo.

“I created a policy and tried to validate it but received a list of errors which I could not resolve. This proved to be the basis of my idea to create a double click function on the error grid to take me directly to where the error occurred.”

He believes that the Awesome Projects campaign provides employees with the opportunity to come up with new ideas to improve the business and how clients work with the system.

“Awesome Projects lets employees think creatively on addressing the challenges our users face with the system. This results in creating a more user-friendly environment and sees us thinking differently about how our work impacts others and how effectively they can complete their job functions.”

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