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Acumatica tops cloud ERP customer satisfaction survey

Acumatica tops cloud ERP customer satisfaction survey

Acumatica has topped a customer satisfaction product comparison

Fast-growing cloud ERP company Acumatica has topped a customer satisfaction product comparison.

The G2 Crowd user Satisfaction Report details a feature-by-feature comparison of Acumatica Cloud ERP versus other competitive offerings.

One Channel, Africa’s fastest growing cloud business solutions provider and Acumatica partner, echoes the results and its CEO Bernard Ford says the survey reveals highly satisfied Acumatica customers.

“Acumatica customers continue to embrace the company’s pragmatic feature sets and technological innovation, while many other cloud ERP vendors have come to rely on acquisitions to achieve the bulk of their growth,” he said.

Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill is proud of these results, leading in 16 of 26 categories.

“This is a testament to the quality of the product and services and support provided to Acumatica customers,” said Roskill.

“As customers modernise their businesses Acumatica Cloud ERP is at the centre of their digital transformation.”

Rob Light, Research Principal for G2 Crowd, added: “Our comparison reports feature a side-by-side assessment of up to six competing products based on customer satisfaction ratings, while highlighting the leading product for each metric,” said Rob Light, research principal, G2 Crowd.

“Acumatica achieved high levels of user satisfaction compared to similar ERP products in the market, highlighted by AR Automation, Invoice Customization, and Output Document Generation,” he adds.

The G2 Crowd findings dovetail with research results reported last December by Nucleus Research, which focuses on the value users receive from their software purchases. The 2017 Nucleus Research ERP Value Matrix ranked Acumatica Cloud ERP highest in usability for the second year in a row.

Acumatica’s recent achievements include reaching their 4,000th customer and achieving 144% new revenue growth in 2017, which represented more than a doubling of revenue year-over-year.

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