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AfricaOnline launches JET-powered wireless network in Namibia

AfricaOnline launches JET-powered wireless network in Namibia

Marc Gregan, Managing Director, AfricaOnline Namibia, with Nick Ehrke, Sales Director, Radwin Southern Africa

AfricaOnline, one of the largest ISPs in Namibia, has launched a wireless broadband network powered by RADWIN’s JET 5GHz Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) smart Beamforming solutions.

AfricaOnline has complemented its long-standing WiMAX service with a new carrier-grade JET PtMP service to deliver high-speed packages of up to 100Mbps to enterprises and homes in Namibia’s capital, Windhoek.

AfricaOnline is a member of the iWayAfrica group of companies, owned by Gondwana International Networks. Rampoint, a leading turnkey solution provider in Namibia and RADWIN’s partner, was in charge of project design and implementation.

Marc Gregan, Managing Director, AfricaOnline Namibia, said: “Demand for broadband is growing at an explosive rate. Users want more gigs to satisfy their Internet and social media appetites.

“We needed to expand our capacity and selected the 5GHz JET which allows us to offer capped, uncapped and dedicated service packages at speeds of up to 100 Mbps to suit every user and support a range of applications – from streaming video to online gaming and Internet browsing.

“Delivering exceptional performance and consistent high capacity, JET operates even in congested unlicensed bands and areas with a high noise floor. Our customers are ecstatic.”

Peter Turvey, Managing Director, Middle East, South and East Africa, RADWIN: “We’re proud that AfricaOnline Namibia chose our solution to best serve its business and residential customers.

“JET’s unique Bi-Beam beamforming technology guarantees system operation in tough environments and overcomes interference. The JET carrier-grade systems allow service providers in urban and rural areas to easily deliver fast, reliable fibre-like service and reach remote locations in the most cost-effective way.”

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