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Nutanix launches new channel charter – Power to the Partner

Nutanix launches new channel charter – Power to the Partner

Nutanix has launched its new channel charter, Power to the Partner

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, has announced that the company is officially launching its new channel charter, Power to the Partner.

The charter stands out from traditional channel programmes by providing a unique emphasis on partner investments in Nutanix rather than solely on revenue targets.

Nutanix first shared the high-level vision of its channel charter during the company’s Partner Xchange event in May. The charter has tiered status with partner status based on a number of deals closed and depth of Nutanix skills rather than revenue targets. This new structure enables partners of all sizes to achieve the highest partner category. Categories are defined as the following:

  • Master Partner – Deepest Nutanix partnership and capabilities, where partner is closing the most deals and holds the most certifications with focused selling on Nutanix’s core HCI products as well as new products such as Flow, Era and Beam
  • Scaler Partner – Growing Nutanix partnership and knowledge, where partner is developing integrated solutions around the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software ecosystem and has increased the number and level of certified staff and deals
  • Pioneer Partner – Initial Nutanix partnership and engagement, where partner is moving first customers to the Nutanix hyperconverged solution and gains initial skills in the Nutanix core products

The Power to the Partner charter is now enhanced with multiple features to help partners guide customers through their digital transformations. These features provide tools and resources to enable partner success aligned to each stage of their customer engagement process, such as:

  • Land – Full service demand-gen platforms and tools to help with acquisition of new customers​
  • Adopt – Resources for partners to run Nutanix demos, Sizer, TCO/ROI and Xtract tools so partners can deliver rapid, smooth implementations of Nutanix-based solutions ​
  • Expand – Training for products such as Beam, Calm, Flow, Era and new technologies to help existing customers gain more value from their Nutanix environments
  • Renew – The cornerstone for generating recurring revenue, the program provides resources to help Nutanix and partners continue to delight existing customers

“We have seen a fantastic return on investment in our Nutanix resources and activity to date, due to the continually increasing demand by our clients for Nutanix based solutions,” said Tim Jeans, Datacentre & Cloud Practice Manager, Softchat.

“We welcome this new channel charter as another sign that Nutanix is investing in committed partners such as ourselves and look forward to additional growth and success together.”

Paul Ruinaard, Country Manager at Sub-Saharan Africa, Nutanix, added: “We’re thrilled to launch Nutanix’s very first channel charter that was created directly with our partners in mind,” said Paul Ruinaard, Country Manager at Sub-Saharan Africa, Nutani.

“As Nutanix’s presence has grown, we see this charter as the stepping stone in our vision to empower our partners with the support and resources they need to reach their maximum potential alongside Nutanix. When our partners are successful, our customers’ businesses can better benefit from simplified and harmonised data centres for all of their cloud needs today and in the future.”









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