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Software from 6d Technologies overcomes connectivity problems in rural Africa

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Field agents working for telcos are being helped to overcome problems with poor connectivity in rural parts of Africa. The deployment of Engrafi from 6d Technologies across Chad, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania and Angola has enabled a quick and convenient subscriber registration process despite connectivity problems. Engrafi allows subscribers to register themselves with quick digitalised forms, ensuring authentic verification of the user […]

BCX and GE partner to bring innovation to farming in Africa

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Collaborative partners BCX, an information and communications technology company, and GE, a worldwide digital industrial enterprise, have developed an integrated agri-tech solution tailored for South African and African agricultures. The Digital Farm, created by BCX and GE, allows stakeholders to manage, predict, and control inputs and outputs across the agricultural supply chain. The solution will […]

Eseye and Bukard unearthing the Internet of Things in agriculture

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IoT M2M connectivity specialist Eseye has partnered with Burkard, designers and builders of air samplers for agricultural research since 1953, to harness the power of the IoT. Burkard has developed a piece of real time pathogen monitoring equipment to predict and provide an early warning system of crop disease risk. The collaboration with Eseye and […]

Why agriculture is the first frontier of African innovation

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Article by Ashley Boag, Chief Business Officer at SAP Africa In 2050, Africa’s population will double to 2.4 billion people, accounting for a fifth of the global population. At the same time, the continent will need to create 20 million new jobs every year to meet the demands of what will be the world’s largest […]