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Wireless tech is an integral part of Africa’s telco development

While Africa is seeing an increase in demand for connectivity in order to bridge the ever-present digital divide between urban and rural areas, the bottlenecks experienced when backhauling data streams by service providers of all types is still a major issue that needs to be addressed. Comprehensive and well-intended rural rollout strategies still remain unaffordable […]

Five traits of the transformational Chief Information Officer

Article by Niral Patel, MD and Technology Leader, Oracle South Africa The transformational Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the talk of the town – a captain of innovation, charting a course toward digital transformation for your business. With a view that stretches beyond the IT department, the transformational CIO is instigating a seismic shift in […]

Kickstarting business growth with smart software development

Article by Gareth Hawkey, CEO of redPanda Software Choosing the right development approach is key to success in a fast-moving environment… In today’s digitally-driven business environment, it is critical that businesses are powered by enterprise software that is tailored to their specific needs. Indeed, every business – even if they sit within the same sector […]

Unpacking what the local data centre means for business in Africa

Article by Amr Kamel, General Manager, Microsoft West, East and Central Africa Cloud is revolutionising the way companies in Africa do business. The announcement that Microsoft is building two new data centres on the continent will further help businesses in Africa connect to opportunities across the globe while taking full advantage of the benefits cloud […]

Control Risks reveal the top five business risks for southern Africa

Political uncertainty through transitions and instability are among the key risks for businesses in southern Africa in 2018, says specialist global risk consultancy Control Risks in its annual political and security risk forecast RiskMap. Control Risks’ Senior Partner for southern Africa George Nicholls comments: “2018 will see continued uncertainty around political leadership in our southern […]

Africa’s telcos should invest in tech to counter stalled revenue growth

Although Africa’s largest telco operators are generally showing growth in their customer bases, revenue growth has somewhat stalled to as little as 1% year-on-year, says Mariam Abdullahi, Telco Industry Lead at SAP Africa. This means that despite attracting an increased number of customers, the amount each of these customers spend is decreasing. “In the wake […]

Sophos 2017 malware trends and predictions for the year ahead

Article by Harish Chib, Vice President, Sophos, Middle East & Africa From online gaming to mobile apps and wearable tech, technology is used at almost every touch point in people’s day-to-day lives. However, the downside of living in this hyper-connected society means that people are also extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks. This year’s Malware Report from […]

Looking at the availability landscape for the upcoming year

Article by Danny Allan, Vice President for Product Strategy, Veeam Cloud replication hits an up-turn Business continuity for digital services has been a significant focus for every executive over the past decade. Enterprises no longer just offer digital services, they ARE the digital services which they provide. Downtime is not acceptable. This recognition has led […]

Increasing regulations see a shift in data analytics

An increasingly complex regulatory environment is putting the spotlight on organisations to be compliant. Kelly Preston, Data Analytics Manager, and Angelique Strumpher, Administration Manager for Business Process Outsourcing at SilverBridge, explore how this impacts on the data analytic capabilities of a business. In South Africa, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – promulgated on […]

Could planned downtime be costing you business?

Article by Mohamad Rizk, Manager System Engineers, Middle East at Veeam Software One of the rarely spoken about aspects of technology is the level of compromise it requires. Most articles tend to focus on benefits; how whatever the innovation is will make life easier, faster or smarter. Instead of the fact that users will have […]

Securing your enterprise network with artificial intelligence

Article by: Morten Illum, VP EMEA, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Artificial intelligence (AI), often throws up visions of a futuristic earth, where self-aware robots are programmed to be ethical in their behaviour and protect human lives at all costs. It’s clear that an AI future is already here, with chat bots and home […]

You’ve been digitally transforming for longer than you think

Article by Heath Huxtable, Consulting and Integration at Vox Digital transformation as a concept is something we liken to the Y2K phenomenon, brought about by the IT industry as a way of creating and driving new business opportunities, but it isn’t actually something new. The reality is that businesses like ours, that deliver ERP solutions […]

Four character traits all successful CIOs share

As the digital leaders of an organisation, the CIO needs to build solid relationships with other business leaders, go the extra mile to foster digital learning, know what they’re talking about and be open to teaching others. There’s no denying that the role of the CIO has changed, and continues to change as business and […]

Future-proofing organisations with zero-trust approach

Article by Mechelle Buys Du Plessis, Managing Director – UAE, Dimension Data 2018 will see a vast change in internal security procedures moving towards what is called a zero-trust security model. IT departments of organisations are spending millions of dollars while witnessing successful breach of their defences. Increasingly, the consensus appears to be that the […]

The future of fake news and how to lessen the risk for your business

Article by Rick Holland, VP Strategy, Digital Shadows Hardly a day goes by without media and sometimes government claims that Russia has been utilising social media tools to spread fake news and misinformation to influence everything from elections, mining approvals and even Brexit. But Russia is just the tip of the iceberg for this issue […]

Making the Internet of Things a reality in Africa

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is still in the early stages in Africa, it is starting to gain traction in Africa across different verticals. The maturity level varies between different markets, with some in the exploring phase and others with much more concrete IoT plans. As the maturity level increases, the ecosystem will follow […]

2018 predictions: entering the next era of human machine partnerships

Article by Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC Our research partners at The Institute for the Future (IFTF) recently forecast that we’re entering the next era of human machine partnership, and that between now and 2030 humans and machines will work in closer concert with each other, transforming […]

Don’t become a victim of cybercrime this Black Friday

Article by John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos 1. If an online deal or email offer with price discounts looks too good to be true, it probably is Hit delete immediately. It’s common knowledge that though there are some great deals to be had over Black Friday, most products are cheaper or the same price […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday reflect growing digital evolution

With digital transformation initiatives permeating everything business does, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period this year is expected to illustrate just how far online retailers have come in embracing availability. Veeam Software examines what needs to be done for companies to maximise their sales by reducing the chances of downtime, and the catastrophic effect […]

True innovation-led business transformation starts in the cloud

Article by Cameron Beveridge, Director: Cloud at SAP Africa No matter your industry sector or geographic location, all businesses today have one overriding thing in common: to be successful and sustainable you must be digital. While the rewards of moving a business towards digital are considerable, the initial transition can be challenging. Innovation requires the […]