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SAP Africa Managing Director on the future of work in a digital world

The future of work in a digital world By Cathy Smith, Managing Director at SAP Africa. The digital age and the new technologies it’s brought with it – Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – is seen by many as a threat to our way of life as we know it. […]

Cloud shift starting to take place in SA financial service sector

Mounting pressure on financial service institutions has forced a change in strategy as disruptors redefine the competitive landscape.  Andrew Cruise, CEO, Routed, a vendor neutral cloud infrastructure provider, says that thanks to the cloud and a growing base of market disruptors, innovation and technology are becoming more critical to the survival of today’s financial institutions. […]

BitCo identifies five defence mechanisms to combat cyberattacks

With unprepared businesses ending up on the firing line, Michael Colin, Sales Director at telecommunications service provider BitCo, offers five ‘easy-to-implement’ defence mechanisms. Naivety and ignorance are no longer valid excuses and owners of small and medium-sized organisations in every sector are under even more pressure to comply with data protection requirements as well as […]

Disaster Recovery 2.0: Protecting your business from the unexpected

Whether it is fires, floods or other natural or man-made disasters, recent events have taught us that previous best practices for disaster recovery are not fit for purpose. Kate Mollett, Regional Manager for Africa South at Veeam, looks at how this paves the way for cloud and service provider technologies to provide the solution. Whether […]

Vend Chief Executive Officer on how AI is changing the retail industry

Vaughan Rowsell, CEO of Vend, looks at on how Artificial Intelligence in retail is changing the industry. When you think about Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact our daily life, what are the images you conjure up? Intelligent robot companions that clean and cook and keep you company? A disembodied voice that controls your […]

IDC expert on why security is vital to organisational success

Security is as vital to organisational success as technology and people, says Mark Walker, Associate Vice President of Sub-Saharan Africa at International Data Corporation (IDC). Search for security on Google. The engine will autofill with – security is like oxygen and security is like an onion. Both are true. Security is the oxygen that keeps the […]

Cisco expert on building and securing 5G networks of tomorrow

While 5G brings the promise of new revenue opportunities for service providers, new infrastructure and use cases will create new risks. And according to Ali Amer, Managing Director, Global Service Provider Sales, Cisco Middle East and Africa, the security of the SP network infrastructure, their business, and their customers will require a holistic approach. Every new generation […]

Elingo expert looks at how instant messaging has overtaken emailing

Communication in the workplace has evolved beyond telephone calls and emails, with the digital business environment being all about real-time messaging to provide stakeholders with instantaneous responses to their queries. Paul McIntyre, Chief Sales Officer at Elingo, looks at the developments that have taken place in the workplace. Think of email as a more enhanced […]

‘Zero trust security approach is gaining acceptance’: Centrify expert

Organisations are coming to realise that merely a user a user name and password are not enough to secure their cyber existence. And as Kamel Heus, Regional Manager – MEA at Centrify explains, a ‘zero trust security approach’ is increasingly gaining acceptance. The concept of zero trust is as profound in cybersecurity as the sweeping […]

Wi-Fi hijacking is a threat to your security, says Trend Micro expert

Every device that is connected to the Internet is a potential access point for hackers, risking data and personal information. There are some inherent vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi security protocols and hardware components, which can make the lives of hackers that much easier. These possible entry points could provide hackers with access to networks and to […]

What happens after all the devices are connected to the IoT?

Africonology CEO Mandla Mbonambi asks if anyone has thought about happens after all the devices are connected to the Internet of Things? Is your business driving change or being driven by it? This is the question that should be powering your business mindset in a digital world that’s swallowed by innovation and exponential change. Anything […]

AI poses threats to jobs, according to Bluegrass Digital MD

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the most exciting developments in business today; however according to Bluegrass Digital Managing Director Nick Durrant, the threats posed to jobs are a serious concern. AI-powered personalisation seems to offer the prospect of fulfilling – at the level of the individual – the very definition of marketing: creating, […]

‘Preventing network breaches is of highest importance’: Trend Micro expert

South Africa has had its share of high profile security breaches. Cybercriminals have targeted prominent businesses such as Ster Kinekor and Master Deeds in 2017, and most recently, Liberty Holdings earlier this year. With GDPR now in effect, companies with international reach could stand to lose huge amounts of money in fines if they fail […]

SilverBridge expert on unlocking new markets through digital innovation

African insurance providers who adopt a digital mindset can leverage innovative technologies to develop new business models and services that position them for growth. That is according to Kelly Preston, Data Analytics Manager at SilverBridge. “According to Deloitte, South Africa accounts for more than 80% of Africa’s total gross insurance premiums,” said Preston. “So, even […]

Forcepoint Regional Manager on when cybercriminals go to work

What procedures should companies have in place to minimise phishing attacks? Christo van Staden, Forcepoint Regional Manager: Sub-Saharan Africa Phishing, spear phishing and ransomware represent serious threats to any organisation. They can be used to steal money, extort ransom payments, exfiltrate intellectual property, disrupt business operations and, in extreme cases, actually put a company out […]

Networks Unlimited Africa MD on how to prevent phishing attacks

Employees have become key role players in the defence against phishing, and organisations can no longer rely only on IT support and technology applications only. That is according to Anton Jacobsz, MD of Networks Unlimited Africa. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending e-mails, supposedly from a trustworthy source, to entice individuals to reveal personal and […]

The importance of GDPR compliance for Nigerian businesses

Adebayo Sanni, Oracle Nigeria’s MD stresses that the significance of GDPR isn’t only for global companies, a small start-up in downtown Lagos serving a customer in Europe isn’t exempt from compliance.   The deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come and gone. And while it happened without too much fanfare in Nigeria, […]

Give your business the technical edge to beat cybersecurity skills gap

Ned Baltagi, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa at SANS, says training can be the most efficient and thorough way to rapidly ramp up technical skills. Business today is dominated by the Digital Transformation; therefore, the more technically sound IT staff are, the more value they can bring to their organisation. This is true of […]

The Internet of Things can transform business, according to IDC expert

Mark Walker, Associate Vice President of Sub-Saharan Africa at International Data Corporation (IDC), says the Internet of Things can transform business and process if done with intent. South Africa is already past the Internet of Things (IoT) hype cycle and well into the mainstream. Projects and pilots are already becoming a commercial reality, tying neatly […]

‘Consumerisation of the supply chain increases enterprise pressure’

The consumerisation of digital technology has seen a surge in demand for mobile-first logistics solutions placing significant pressure on companies to adopt a digital approach to supply chains. Cassie Lessing, Managing Director, Strato IT Group, a mobile business solutions provider, says that logistics has rapidly become the backbone of industry and that the enterprise sector, […]