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Lancet Laboratories chooses Netlims’ LabOS product to replace its LIS

Netlims, a global leader in Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), has announced that it has been selected to implement its flagship LabOS product across the African continent for Lancet Laboratories, a major African laboratory. LabOS will support an extensive range of services, such as clinical laboratories, microbiology, anatomic pathology and genetic services, and will serve a […]

Kaspersky Lab reveals research on future threat of memory hacking

Kaspersky Lab has warned that the cyberattackers of the future may be able to exploit memory implants to steal, spy on, alter or control human memories. And while the most radical threats are several decades away, the essential technology already exists in the form of deep brain stimulation devices. Scientists are learning how memories are […]

Digital Transformation key to next generation healthcare in Africa

The benefits of the digital revolution to the healthcare sector in Africa are enormous, yet many angles must be considered if it is to prove successful. There are many people around the world who fall through the cracks in the healthcare field. They either lack the resources to see a doctor, or there is simply […]

FABS expert on the IoT pieces solving the healthcare puzzle

Karien Bornheim, Founder and CEO of Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS), says solving business problems across the continent don’t need massive investment, they need lateral thinking to look at the challenges in a different way. There is a way to catch the challenges on the African continent in a web of innovation and ingenuity. It […]

Africa Health Exhibition & Congress to be held in Johannesburg

Incorporating digital disruption into the healthcare market will be one of the central discussions at the eighth annual Africa Health Exhibition & Congress to be held at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, from May 29 to 31. The African region is seen to be one of the most sought-after markets globally for healthcare investments, having […]

Video-calling app for blind people now offers IT help from Microsoft

Blind people can now get IT help from Microsoft experts via a free video-calling app. Be My Eyes sets up a live video connection between customers and sighted staff at the technology company who can help with a range of issues including setting up or updating devices and turning on accessibility features. The app is […]

Infor launches Healthcare Enterprise Analytics to aid patient care

Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, has announced Infor Healthcare Enterprise Analytics, a comprehensive solution that will provide healthcare organisations with greater insight into their operations, supporting their efforts to improve outcomes and lower costs. Powered by the Infor Birst Cloud Analytics platform, the solution will transform complex data from any source into […]

Ekso Bionics aids patient recovery with Vodafone

Many people who suffer from a stroke or spinal cord injury face a long road to recovery lasting months or years, with a goal of restoring functionality and returning to their community. This can be devastating, not only for the person injured but also for their family and friends. Swifter recovery, along with quantified feedback […]

Case Study: Prompt medical treatment could mean difference between life and death

A system from Dimension Data has helped the West Cape Government provide an ambulance service that delivers a more efficient emergency response.  The ambulance service of the Western Cape Department of Health is one of the largest ambulance services in South Africa. It serves a population of over six million and covers an area of […]

IT Integration: Cquential helps Cipla save lives with intelligent warehouse system

Global pharmaceutical company Cipla manufactures more than 1,500 products, with its South African subsidiary one of the country’s market leaders in terms of value and volume. To ensure the efficient delivery of its medicines to clients around the country, it moved to a new state-of-the-art warehouse in Bellville, with long-time partner Cquential providing the intelligent […]

Pure Storage expert: Improving patient outcomes with AI and Advanced Analytics

Across the globe, healthcare providers are facing the same three questions. How do we improve patient care? With growing populations, how can we help more people? Christian Putz, Director, Emerging, EMEA, Pure Storage, asks how this can be achieved especially with budgets under pressure. Finding a solution to these questions is increasingly reliant on technology. […]

Red Hat unveils next generation decision management offering

Red Hat Decision Manager 7 helps organisations automate business decisions for more efficient operations and accurate outcomes. Red Hat, Inc, a leading provider of open source solutions, has introduced Red Hat Decision Manager 7, a decision management platform that simplifies the development and deployment of rules-based applications and services. Red Hat Decision Manager 7 is […]

Mimecast expert: Cybercriminals are setting sights on healthcare

Cybercriminals have set their sights on protected health information. It’s Black Market value is greater than credit card information. By Brandon Bekker, Managing Director at Mimecast, Africa and the Middle East, explains why and how the healthcare sector is under attack.   The Internet of Things has transformed the healthcare sector, allowing practitioners to easily […]

Aruba expert: Healthcare industry increases innovation and reduces costs through IoT

According to HPE Aruba, nearly 90% of early IoT adopters have already suffered an IoT related security breach. But the good news is threats to the healthcare sector can be combated with good practice, Jose Vasco, Regional Director MEMA at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, tells us. When it comes to healthcare, six in […]

Gartner says by 2020 AI will create more jobs than it eliminates

2020 will be a pivotal year in AI-related employment dynamics, according to Gartner, Inc., as artificial intelligence (AI) will become a positive job motivator. The number of jobs affected by AI will vary by industry; through 2019, healthcare, the public sector and education will see continuously growing job demand while manufacturing will be hit the […]

GE Nigeria releases latest report in ‘Future of Work’ series

General Electric (GE) Nigeria, has released a White Paper titled The Future of Work in Nigeria. Bridging the Skills Gap: The Key to Unlocking Nigeria’s Inherent Potential as part of the company’s global ‘The Future of Work’ series to highlight the need for investment in sustainable skills development. In this 2017 issue, GE commissioned a […]

Tradebridge transforms approach to collaboration with Riverbed

Tradebridge is the leading South African value-added transaction switch, providing solutions to enable immediate, secure and reliable messaging between organisations that support financial transactions. The company consists of three group members: Healthbridge, Sureswipe and DCM Group. Through a powerful range of products and services that Tradebridge has pioneered, it has saved the South African healthcare […]

SA’s NDoH digitally transforms health service with Dynamics 365

The South African government’s National Department of Health (NDoH) is the executive department dedicated to the health of all 55.9 million citizens. It does this through illness prevention, promoting healthy living and improving health service delivery. Business goal Confronted with aging ICT infrastructure and a growing population to service, the National Department of Health needed […]

ServiceNow survey shows CIOs delivering real value from machine learning

A new survey from ServiceNow finds that machine learning has arrived in the enterprise, making material contributions to everyday work. To realise its full value, technology leaders must find skilled talent to work side-by-side with machines in addition to redesigning their organisations and processes. For The Global CIO Point of View, ServiceNow surveyed 500 CIOs […]

SystemOne announces four new countries rolling out GxAlert®

SystemOne, a connected diagnostics company developing data-driven healthcare insight and solutions, announces 4 new GxAlert® implementations in Africa and Eastern Europe. SystemOne develops networking and software solutions to rapidly move and utilise data from infectious disease diagnostics. SystemOne users receive over 40,000 instant alerts from diagnostic devices each month and benefit from a host of […]