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Elingo says that companies can count on cloud to enhance their business

Migration to the cloud is on the rise with more businesses adopting cloud solutions to realise the benefits. Elingo, a leading IT solution and service specialist based in Johannesburg, says cloud is no longer a mystical concept, but a concrete pipeline to a more flexible, cost-effective work environment. “The migration from desktop solutions to cloud […]

Forcepoint expert on resolving disruptions in the financial industry

Gregg Brans, from Forcepoint SA, looks as how to resolve potential disruptions in the financial industry.  In the current digital era, customers regularly share their personal information with organisations and as a result, expect companies to safeguard their personal data as prime priority. This has never been more apparent than with financial institutions, as customers […]

Insight into the career of Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa’s CEO

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? During my career, I have had to turn a number of businesses around. It never gets any easier to do but it is always worth it in the end, and it is something tangible as you can see where you as an individual make a difference. […]

RPA leader urges greater focus on automation skills in South Africa

UiPath has welcomed South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa’s intention to introduce automation training at primary school level, saying the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) revolution is underway, but the necessary skills are lacking. The President says that, over the next six years, every child in the country would be provided with digital workbooks and textbooks on […]

SilverBridge COO on the practical disruption in insurance

While there is much talk about the disruption of insurance through cutting-edge technology that will fundamentally transform the way the industry works, the focus should instead be on how it will improve the customer experience. That is according to Lee Kuyper, COO at SilverBridge, who says insurers need to capitalise on existing advancements for a […]

Security spend and priorities – is your business getting it right?

Bernice Binet, F5 Brand Executive at South African based IT service management company EOH, analyses why organisations spend 90% of their security budget securing the perimeter of their systems when 77% of cyberattacks happen through apps.  Organisations locally and abroad do seem to be taking cybersecurity a lot more seriously. This is especially true in […]

IFS expert predicts what will happen in aviation industry this year

In 2019, global fleet and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) markets will see dynamic growth as the demand for air travel rises. Mark Martin, Director, Aerospace and Defense Business Unit, IFS, targets three developments that will enable operators and MRO commercial aviation companies to take advantage of these growth opportunities. Prediction 1: Reliability analysis becomes […]

Cloud vital for insurance growth, says SilverBridge Managing Executive

With the number of insurers using cloud computing services tripling over the last few years, those still undecided as to its relevance need to start making a serious investment into strategically understanding the impact on their businesses. Research from Novarica reveals that 70% of surveyed global insurers are using cloud computing to a lesser or […]

DR and security strategies could save your network, says Routed MD

Andrew Cruise, Managing Director, Routed, South Africa’s only vendor neutral cloud infrastructure provider, says that disaster recovery (DR) and back-up solutions remain key to business strategies for 2019. Cruise adds that protecting on-premise and cloud-based data is critical if businesses are wanting the ability to recover all areas and avoid disasters, something he says did […]

Effective Congestion Management is key for MEA telecom operators

Ahmad Sayed, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Nexign, looks at how telecom operators can prosper this year. In an expat-heavy region, you undoubtedly observed another tradition – that of phoning home. That simple observance probably had a range of outcomes. Some of you may have been able to connect straight away; others may […]

EDC Solutions expert on the transformation of workforce management

By Paul Chari, Principal Consultant of EDC Solutions at dormakaba Many organisations are realising that workforce management can be used as a resource to improve business efficiencies. By integrating the likes of access and production data control, further value can be unlocked to drive organisational improvements. Evolving technology and innovations happening in connectivity solutions (think […]

Akamai director on how to prevent rise in cryptocurrency mining attacks

Opinion piece from Richard Meeus, Security Technology and Strategy Director at Akamai Coin-mining malware isn’t a new threat. Although it has received increased attention over recent months following the fluctuations in the value of bitcoin and other digital currencies, it has roots dating back to 2011. The term ‘coin-mining malware’ is used to refer to malware […]

Data to provide new opportunities for HR and payroll departments

This year, data will become an enabling resource for Human Resources (HR) and payroll departments to fundamentally change how these critically important components operate inside a business. The result will be more engaged employees that help drive organisational growth. Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies, says that even though many companies consider HR and […]

One Channel CEO on five reasons to upgrade to a modern business system

Upgrading to modern business systems and services is not just a step up. It’s a watershed for how companies can run their affairs. One Channel CEO Bernard Ford tells us more. But not anymore. Forget for a moment the risks of accruing too much technical debt through legacy systems. Changes are sweeping across the IT […]

IDC expert on how to prevent the rise in cryptocurrency mining attacks

By Kieran Frost, Research Manager, IDC South Africa Cryptomining attacks (commonly known as ‘cryptojacking’) are the among the most prevalent threats organisations currently face, by 8,500% in 2017 according to Symantec. Cryptojacking is when a device is unwittingly used to mine cryptocurrency – depositing the currency into a wallet designated by the threat actor. Often […]

SUSE expert on tapping into an open source eco-system in 2019

Grant Bennett, Country Manager for SUSE South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, gives his 2019 predictions. There are some big things set for 2019. Customer expectations continue to evolve, new technologies are developed to push the envelope which that leads to continuous transformation of our business, our people, our processes and of course, the technology and […]

CIO challenges in 2019: The biggest obstacles and how to overcome them

Experts talk to us about facing the biggest challenges of the coming year head on and how CIOs can excel in 2019 with advances in technology.  Andy Mack, Software Services Director at Echo Managed Services, creator of multi-utility billing software, Aptumo: Given the speed at which technology is transforming our business landscape, it’s vital that […]

Sophos expert on using Deep Learning to improve security posture

In this article, Harish Chib, Vice President – Middle East and Africa, Sophos explains why organisations need an additional layer of Deep Learning enabled Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools to improve their security posture. Cybercrime is big business and hackers are continually looking for new attack vectors. SophosLabs team see 400,000 new malicious samples […]

TransUnion CEO on five trends set to dominate technology this year

As technology disruptions become the norm, Lee Naik, tech expert and TransUnion CEO, says five trends will dominate the year. Technologies converge as 5G lands Biometrics, robotics, AI, augmented and mixed reality. none of these technologies are new – NASA has been using a digital twin framework as far back as the Apollo 13 mission. […]

Trend Micro on what we can expect from IT security this year

The last three years in IT innovation have laid the foundation for even greater changes within the technology sphere. While some of these changes will simply build on developments in IoT, AI, smart industries and smart homes as well as the cloud, others such as the impending rollout of 5G in 2019 will herald in […]