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Expert opinion: Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming important?

Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming increasingly important in the battle against cybercrime? By John McLoughlin, MD, J2 Software Cyberthreat intelligence is not becoming increasingly important. Cyberthreat intelligence is already critically important in the battle against cybercrime. It is just unfortunate that so many do not make use of service providers and platforms that provide access to […]

Aruba’s Graeme Kane on transforming the guest experience in Africa

Regardless of the size or type of property, every hotel operator that wants to remain competitive and relevant will have to embrace IoT devices to enable next-generation guest experiences, according to Graeme Kane, Hospitality Business Development Manager, Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa at Aruba. The problem with technology as a term in the hospitality industry […]

ServiceNow research uncovers security’s patching paradox

ServiceNow Inc has released new research, Today’s State of Vulnerability Response: Patch Work Demands Attention based on a survey conducted with the Ponemon Institute. The report uncovered security’s ‘patching paradox’ – hiring more people does not equal better security. While security teams plan to hire more staffing resources for vulnerability response they won’t improve their security […]

Condyn expert: How honest employees become criminals

The incidents in information security might occur due to the fault of the most respectable employees, according to Jorina van Rensburg, Managing Director at Condyn. We have been working on the development of corporate systems to prevent information leakage – DLP (Data Loss Prevention) – for more than 12 years. And employees may not be […]

Veeam expert: Compliance requires an evolved availability approach

Claude Schuck, regional manager for Africa at Veeam, unpacks the need for an evolved approach to ensure compliance. Let’s face it, data compliance is hardly a new thing. But given the extent at which the reliance of organisations on data has grown in recent years, its level of importance has increased exponentially. Simply put, fall […]

Cyber resilience: A strategy the public sector can’t afford to overlook

Public services are getting smarter and more connected. However, Thomas Mangwiro, Business Development, Public Sector, Mimecast, says these innovations need to be matched with a new defensive strategy. Public services are getting smarter and more connected, but these innovations need to be matched with a new defensive strategy. The opportunity to wreak cyber havoc against […]

The top five identity trends of the year

Jim Ducharme, RSA Security’s VP of Identity Products The days where passwords and tokens were our only way of identifying people and systems is long gone. Today, we have a vast array of technologies, including: multi-factor authentication (MFA), standards-based solutions, biometrics and smartphone-based authentication – to name just a few. This change has been driven […]

In212 Technologies expert: Chatbots improves Government service delivery

As our government looks towards new technologies to enhance services to South Africa’s 55 million citizens and residents, Saurabh Kumar, CEO at In212 Technologies, says Chatbots appear as a valuable tool, with the potential to transform the way people engage with government departments. Chatbots combine the ease of mobile messaging with the power of Artificial […]

IDC expert: Is digital transformation real or just science fiction?

While digital transformation has emerged as a top priority for most organisations, there are concerns that it is being oversimplified. George Kalebaila, Research Director at International Data Corporation (IDC), says many organisations haven’t seen how their businesses might be impacted. Many companies are purely paying lip service to the real impact of embarking on a […]

Opinion: SD-WAN will showcase more than just cost-savings in 2018

Software defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) have been generally known for a value proposition that revolves around cost savings on bandwidth. When businesses look to cut the high costs of running a wide area network, SD-WANs can help to save on money by replacing high cost MPLS networks with lower cost broadband internet connections. However, […]

Infographics: Nokia aiming to enhance public safety in Africa

Public safety is of concern for all countries, with teams spending hours working tirelessly to ensure that citizens are protected. Such incidents include natural disasters, crime spikes, or any unrest that may occur. In 2017, several African countries were hit by unforeseen disasters. These included floods in Nigeria and Niger, the Sierra Leonne mudslides and […]

Opinion: How an IoT hack could be a line from a modern-day cartoon

Bryan Hamman, Arbor Networks’ territory manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, says hackers go after data because it’s valuable and can be used for gain. For movie buffs and television fans, some lines are enduring classics. For example, how many times have you heard the phrase: “Step away from the vehicle?” in one form or another? From […]

‘Troubled employees’ can be a threat to your business: SearchInform CEO

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO at SearchInform, tells Intelligent CIO how employees can threaten companies. Gamblers, terrorists, haters and other risk groups can threaten business information security. But should an employer be interested in the personal life of employees? The question alone can trigger indignation – if employees cope well with the job, their boss has no […]

Datacentrix takes on hacktivism with new SOC services

The past two years have seen a veritable explosion of new cybersecurity vulnerabilities, including a steep increase in hacktivism, which Wikipedia describes as “’he subversive use of computers and computer networks to promote a political agenda or a social change. With roots in hacker culture and hacker ethics, its ends are often related to the […]

Harish Chib, from Sophos, on expected rise in ransomware

What can we do about the expected increase in ransomware and cyber-extortion tools? By Harish Chib, Vice president, Middle East & Africa, Sophos. Understanding why Ransomware attacks are so successful, implementing advanced ransomware combating protection in every stage of an attack and following good IT security practices, including regular training for employees are essential components […]

Help AG’s Nicolai Solling on governments struggling with network security

Despite significant investments into network security solutions, organisations still find themselves vulnerable because they overlook critical flaws. Nicolai Solling, Chief Technology Officer at Help AG, says that governments will find that simple and cost-effective measures can go a long way.  The rise of network security related incidents has in recent years brought the subject into […]

Gregg Petersen on what can we do about the expected increase in ransomware

What can we do about the expected increase in ransomware and cyber-extortion tools? By: Gregg Petersen, Regional Sales Vice President, MEA, Veeam Software Paying ransom fees to regain access to data in the vague hope that criminals will release files from hostage is a known phenomenon that continues to demand regular column inches. But currently, […]

How cloud is bringing application and process users together

The cloud has evolved and no longer defined by an air of silence between those who implement cloud systems and their customers, who are mostly business users. Today, as offerings evolve into more bespoke solutions, cloud vendors must deal directly with operations and business leaders. This is according to Kevin Hall, National Sales Manager at […]

Opinion: DDoS in the cloud – who’s watching your back?

Cloud computing is seeing a steady and undeniable growth in adoption across all types of industries. Growing just as progressively, however, is the extent to which it puts many corporate networks directly in cyber attackers’ line of fire – most specifically when it comes to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The challenge with moving […]

Mobile-first solutions driven by the growth of the Internet of Things

Mobile-first solutions are starting to dominate the enterprise sector. Cassie Lessing, CEO of Strato IT Group, says more businesses are realising that a mobile-first business is better set for long-term success. Globally, enterprise mobility strategies, which focus on mobile device use for business purposes, are already a to priority as most seek to better engage […]