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Veeam expert on FinTech sector embracing hyper-availability

Thought leadership piece from Kate Mollett, Veeam Regional Manager for Africa South. Over the past two years, FinTech startups in Africa have enjoyed unprecedented investments. However, just as the Dot Com Bubble has shown, real business value must be delivered to meet stakeholder expectations. This is where the importance of combining intelligent data management with […]

Seven cyberintelligence insights for a more secure business

Cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) involves the collection, evaluation, verification and distribution of information about ongoing and emerging cyberthreats and attacks against network assets and infrastructure. It is becoming increasingly difficult and costly for organisations to defend against cyberattacks on their own, with more companies reaching out to their peers and other sources for threat intelligence data. […]

Elingo expert says contact centres must embrace the cloud

The digital business environment highlights how much technological disruption is impacting on organisations. Paul McIntyre, Chief Sales Officer at Elingo, says it now about having ‘to adapt or die’ and this is particularly evident when it comes to the use of the cloud in telephony. Fifty years ago, telephony platforms were completely hardware-based. Fast forward […]

Expert view: The inevitable convergence of physical and cybersecurity

It may not be immediately clear as to how, but physical and cybersecurity are converging and the need for a combination of cyber and physical defences will soon, if they aren’t already, become a non-negotiable addition to enterprise security systems. Sven Smit, Portfolio Director at Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, tells us more. When you consider that […]

Dimension Data reveal digital business trends to look out for in 2019

The focus of many Digital Transformation efforts has been on the adoption of new technologies, but what does a successful organisation restructure look like? Dimension Data’s Technology Trends 2019 report explores key areas of focus for companies, with digital business playing a key role. Scott Gibson, Group Executive of Digital Business Solutions at Dimension Data, […]

Forcepoint reveals cybersecurity predictions for 2019

Forcepoint, a leading global cybersecurity provider, has launched its 2019 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions Report, with security specialists, behavioural intelligence researchers and data scientists providing guidance on the sophisticated threats facing organisations in the months to come. The report examines seven areas where risks will increase in 2019, with Forcepoint experts taking a deep dive into technology […]

Mimecast expert on what lies ahead for cybersecurity in 2019

What lies ahead for companies, governments and individuals regarding cybersecurity in 2019? Will we see the EU government forcing US data centers to hand over data? Will the European Union issue its first major fines for organisations in contravention of its General Data Protection Regulation? Will our growing dependence on social media expose us to […]

Internet of Things is disrupting the cloud, according to Eseye expert

It is no longer enough to simply offer a cloud solution as emerging technologies start to not only dominate but provide much needed competitive advantage to business. Jeremy Potgieter, SADC regional Head, Eseye, says that the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) alongside the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics, are disrupting business […]

CRS Technologies General Manager on implementing HCM systems

Businesses that embark on a journey to the cloud and open themselves up to this technology find that they have the capability to manage their infrastructure and resources in a more cost effective, efficient way, including people management. The cloud is a game-changer for many industries and it has also influenced the decision making when […]

Multinationals can drive ICT boom in South Africa, says Itec Tiynede MD

Major multinational ICT companies can help drive exponential growth in the South African ICT industry by doing more to develop local skills, companies and partners. That is according to Simbo Ntshinka, Managing director of black-owned enterprise communications provider Itec Tiyende. “We have a huge opportunity, as an industry, to create a thriving home-grown ICT industry […]

When is Africa likely to experience the benefits of Smart Cities?

According to a UN report, around 2.2 billion people could be added to the global population by 2050, with more than half of that growth occurring in Africa. There is increasing pressure on the continent to provide sustainability, efficient mobility and health and safety and technology has a big role to play. There has been […]

Vox expert on how to prevent your digital identity being stolen

Editor’s Question: What steps should you take to prevent your digital identity being stolen? Submission by Mayleen Bywater, Senior Product Manager at Vox. Our cyber footprint is increasing daily as technology improves and evolves. This statement seems to strike fear in to our minds. So, how do we protect our identity and the data that […]

Vox and Oracle experts talk about the CIO’s priority for 2019

With the year drawing to a close, two industry experts tell Intelligent CIO what the CIO’s priority is for 2019. Submission from Craig Freer, Executive Head: Cloud at Vox. Despite prevalent economic challenges, the IDC says that IT spending by organisations in South Africa has grown at a faster rate than GDP over the past year, with […]

Trackmatic expert looks at the use of GIS in supply chain and logistics

James Kopke, Implementation Manager, Trackmatic says that, while other industries have been enhancing and streamlining their operations on functional and profitable levels with the use of technology, the supply chain has drifted behind. The world of supply chain logistics has been living in the past. Even today, the biggest technology investment from some South African […]

Leveraging intelligent tech to help Kenya government connect better

Robin Njiru, Director: General Business at SAP East Africa, looks at how leveraging intelligent technologies to help the Kenyan Government connect better with citizens and build intelligent public-sector enterprises. Public sector companies are not immune to the forces that are reshaping organisations and industry sectors around the world. These exponential forces put pressure on public […]

Cloud services dominate 2018, according to Elingo expert

Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Elingo, looks at how cloud services have dominated 2018. Even though many organisations have discussed migrating to the cloud for the past several years, 2018 has seen a significant push towards these services. Part of this can be attributed to wanting to see whether the hype is justified while […]

Fast-forward banking: Trusted digital identity becomes crucial

Intelligent CIO asks: What steps should you take to prevent your digital identity being stolen? Contribution from Marius Coetzee, CEO of biometric experts Ideco. Banking as we knew it is on its way out, with a bold new world of seamless, cardless, cashless financial systems set to change the way people live and transact forever. But this […]

Hyper-availability: The competitive edge for digital banks

With downtime and unavailability significantly impacting on the reputation of a bank, fintechs are in a prime position to embrace hyper-availability and gain the competitive advantage over the incumbents. Kate Mollett, Regional Manager for Africa South at Veeam, explores the impact it is making in the local banking sector. Anybody still questioning how downtime can […]

Driving the effective use and adoption of information in organisations

Data has permeated every facet of an organisation and without it, no business can succeed in a real-time digital environment. Adriaan Hubinger, Engagement Manager: Data, Information and Analytics at Decision Inc, examines how to effectively adopt data inside the business. Just consider how much data is available to decision-makers. In 2015, 12 zetabytes (1ZB is […]

Women reveal: The seven best things about working in tech

Type ‘women in technology’ in the Google search bar and you’ll see things like ‘we have a long way to go’, ‘gender pay gap’ and ‘#MeToo’. This is perhaps unsurprising. Recently, 20,000 Google employees protested over how Google handles cases of sexual misconduct, gender inequality and systemic racism. Leaving many women to voice: ‘We’re done […]