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Simplifying data management and storage in a ‘Connected Everything’ world

Article by: Eran Brown, EMEA CTO, INFINIDAT We’re moving rapidly towards a completely connected world, with approximately 75 billion connected devices expected to be in use globally by 2025, according to Statista. Organisations are recognising the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, which is driven by the […]

One Channel CEO on the importance of making the right ERP cloud choice

Cloud creates an impression that it is a distant service, delivered over external networks to one’s business. However, according to One Channel CEO Bernard Ford, this not entirely true as cloud itself is a far wider concept, involving the very nature of how applications are built and operate. Cloud is significantly more powerful, efficient and […]

How to protect customer experience in the face of perpetual innovation

Article by: Michael Allen, VP and EMEA CTO, Dynatrace Over the past decade, the speed of digital innovation has been supercharged. Companies are now on a constant treadmill of pushing software updates to improve the customer experience and offer new functionality for users. This system of perpetual innovation is a crucial part of a business […]

SAP Africa advisor on impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution

Simon Carpenter, Chief Technology Advisor at SAP Africa, says the Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to widen the digital divide and is particularly critical to Africa if it is to fully participate in the global economy. It’s unplanned, unstoppable and inescapable. That sounds like a tsunami, right? Not quite. It’s the Fourth Industrial Revolution; […]

‘Consumerisation of the supply chain increases enterprise pressure’

The consumerisation of digital technology has seen a surge in demand for mobile-first logistics solutions placing significant pressure on companies to adopt a digital approach to supply chains. Cassie Lessing, Managing Director, Strato IT Group, a mobile business solutions provider, says that logistics has rapidly become the backbone of industry and that the enterprise sector, […]

Africonology expert on budgeting the digital tightrope

Mandla Mbonambi, founding CEO of Africonology, says technology purchasing decisions need to be influenced by strategy, market value and long-term sustainability, while they also need to be transparent and relevant. Digital tools have the potential to transform the relationship between the employee and the business, with research showing that employees can potentially lose up to […]

Why cloud is key to unlocking rail industry growth

Norman Frisch, Business Development Transport Solutions at Huawei Enterprise, says harnessing the power of cloud computing, coupled with the shift from analogue and toward broadband communications, not only helps improve internal efficiency for rail operators but also has the potential to open up new services that come along with adopting Digital Transformation. South Africa’s current […]

Decision Inc expert on transforming financial planning in retail

When it comes to developing relevant operational plans, Allan Saffy, FP&A Executive at Decision Inc, says that when it comes to developing relevant operational plans, the finance teams of South African retailers must be able to adjust for the unique challenges of this environment whether it is mobile e-commerce or real-time data analysis. The growth […]

Smart Media expert on driving the in-store brand experience

Article by Cecil Ungerer, Chief Sales Officer of in-store advertising innovators Smart Media In the highly competitive environment of in-store advertising, brands are contesting limited market share. Consumers have become more discerning of what they buy owning to the availability of product information online. It is therefore imperative to cut through the clutter and create […]

Alto Africa CTO Oliver Potgieter on securing data in the cloud

Many small business owners are more concerned about how secure their data is in the cloud but don’t worry about taking their unencrypted laptops to a local coffee shop, says Alto Africa CTO Oliver Potgieter. He talks to Intelligent CIO about why having a ‘secure’ password doesn’t mean one’s data is protected and why ‘the […]

Dandemutande CEO on seizing opportunities in Zimbabwe’s new era

As Zimbabwe courts investors and ramps up efforts to create a business-friendly environment, connectivity and communication will be key to forging a path towards the country’s digital future according to Never Ncube, CEO of Dandemutande, a licensed Internet Access Provider and ISP. Following the events of November 2017, there has been a seismic shift in […]

From hype to reality: Paladion expert on AI in cybersecurity

Jose Varghese, EVP and HEAD – MDR Services at Paladion, explores AI and the role it will continue to play in combating modern cyberthreats. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity has recently made several headlines. These headlines make seasoned cybersecurity professionals wary. We’ve seen other emerging technologies receive similar attention and we’ve seen many of them […]

Red Hat expert on the top five ways that DevSecOps isn’t like sport

Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat, discusses the similarities – and big differences – between DevSecOps and sport. There’s the World Cup, cricket, baseball, rugby, Wimbledon – more sport around at the moment than you can shake a stick (or bat, racket or croquet mallet) at. I love watching various sports – an activity […]

Attackers could use heat traces left on keyboard to steal passwords

Tomas Foltyn, Security Writer at ESET, outlines details of an attack called ‘Thermanator’, which could use your body heat against you in order to steal your credentials or any other short string of text that you have typed on a computer keyboard. A team of academics from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), have presented […]

Sophos expert on how to identify and avoid phishing scams

Phishing might be one of the oldest tricks in the books for cybercriminals but it remains a significant threat, with sophisticated new attack methods constantly emerging. Harish Chib, Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Sophos, outlines some of the current trends and offers some advice to help businesses and organisations protect themselves against the scam. […]

Effective cloud security requires a dedicated hybrid approach

As more businesses embrace digital transformation strategies, there is a growing need to ensure robust cloud security solutions are in place. Riaan Badenhorst, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab Africa, discusses the cybersecurity risks of using cloud services and how these can be mitigated with the use of specialist technologies. With the advancement towards digital transformation remaining […]

Applying threat intelligence to secure the enterprise network

By Ashraf Sheet, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Infoblox In a world in which cybercriminals are becoming increasingly stealthy and using increasingly sophisticated techniques, from ransomware to DNS hijacking, it is becoming more difficult, more expensive and less effective for businesses alone to defend themselves against threats. According to research recently carried out […]

The office relationship: It’s digital anxiety, says expert

The fax machine. It still squawks dustily in some African offices, sending messages using a technology almost as dated as the smoke signal. Employees still work with legacy technology, ageing systems and outdated operating systems. Their relationship with technology is both flawed and frustrating – they’re intimidated, confused and distrustful. According to Mandla Mbonambi, founding […]

The importance of protecting data from insider threats

Gregg Petersen, Regional Sales Vice President, Middle East & Africa at Veeam, discusses the importance of data protection and keeping data protected from insider threats, and data loss. “Malicious attacks from employees may be less frequent than external attacks, however their damage potential can be just as catastrophic, if not more so,” said Petersen. “Those […]

Veeam’s Kate Mollett on imminent arrival of two new data centres

Kate Mollett, Regional Manager for South Africa at Veeam, says the imminent arrival of two Microsoft Azure data centres on local shores means organisations across industry sectors are re-evaluating their availability strategies. Until recently, the focus has been on establishing an always-on environment and implementing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions capable of delivering on […]