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Infoblox expert on the importance of cyberthreat intelligence

Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming increasingly important in the battle against cybercrime? By Ali Sleiman, Technical Director MEA, Infoblox Threat intelligence is analysed information about the intent, opportunity and capability of malicious actors. This is where the planning phase becomes important, today’s organisations are required to understand their own environment first and then understand the challenges […]

Expert opinion: Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming important?

Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming increasingly important in the battle against cybercrime? By John McLoughlin, MD, J2 Software Cyberthreat intelligence is not becoming increasingly important. Cyberthreat intelligence is already critically important in the battle against cybercrime. It is just unfortunate that so many do not make use of service providers and platforms that provide access to […]

Get to Know: Ryan Barlow, CEO of innovative technology company e4

On the lighter side of things, we ask the industry experts what makes them tick. Our latest ‘Get to Know’ feature is Ryan Barlow, CEO of innovative technology company e4. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? In 2009, I started a new subsidiary within the e4 group (known as L@W at the time) together […]

Infographics: Nokia aiming to enhance public safety in Africa

Public safety is of concern for all countries, with teams spending hours working tirelessly to ensure that citizens are protected. Such incidents include natural disasters, crime spikes, or any unrest that may occur. In 2017, several African countries were hit by unforeseen disasters. These included floods in Nigeria and Niger, the Sierra Leonne mudslides and […]

‘Troubled employees’ can be a threat to your business: SearchInform CEO

Sergey Ozhegov, CEO at SearchInform, tells Intelligent CIO how employees can threaten companies. Gamblers, terrorists, haters and other risk groups can threaten business information security. But should an employer be interested in the personal life of employees? The question alone can trigger indignation – if employees cope well with the job, their boss has no […]

Harish Chib, from Sophos, on expected rise in ransomware

What can we do about the expected increase in ransomware and cyber-extortion tools? By Harish Chib, Vice president, Middle East & Africa, Sophos. Understanding why Ransomware attacks are so successful, implementing advanced ransomware combating protection in every stage of an attack and following good IT security practices, including regular training for employees are essential components […]

Putting Ghana on the map: Subah CEO on project being undertaken

Like many African countries, Ghana has grown rapidly in recent years, with new buildings almost appearing overnight. Birendra Sasmal, CEO of Subah, explains how technology has been used to carry out the largest mass household data collection and building mapping exercise in African history. Understanding and documenting the new world is a huge challenge for […]

Editor’s Question: Rick Vanover, from Veeam, on threat of ransomware

What can we do about the expected increase in ransomware and cyber extortion tools? By Rick Vanover, Director of Product Strategy at Veeam. If one thing has the attention of IT decision makers worldwide, it is the risk of ransomware. We frequently see headlines on outages caused by ransomware and the reality is that this […]

Get to Know: John McLoughlin, Managing Director, J2 Software

On the lighter side of things, we ask the industry-experts what makes them tick. John McLoughlin, Managing Director, J2 Software. 1) What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? This is a big question as there have been so many. We fly though life and I don’t think we can ever rest on one […]

Exchanging threat intelligence strengthens security posture

In a world of increasingly stealthy and sophisticated cybercriminals, it is difficult, costly and ineffective for companies to defend themselves against these threats alone. As revealed in The Third Annual Study on Exchanging Cyber Threat Intelligence: There Has to Be a Better Way, more companies are reaching out to their peers and other sources for […]

Converged infrastructure and hyper-convergence gains momentum in ZA

Article by Nick Wonfor, Enterprise Account Manager at Commvault South Africa Converged infrastructure and hyper-convergence is gaining traction among business IT departments wishing to enable digital transformation while under the constant pressure of increasingly tightening budgets. However, transitioning to converged infrastructure can be fraught with challenges, from implementing a strategy and execution plan, to planning […]

2018 predictions: entering the next era of human machine partnerships

Article by Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC Our research partners at The Institute for the Future (IFTF) recently forecast that we’re entering the next era of human machine partnership, and that between now and 2030 humans and machines will work in closer concert with each other, transforming […]

IT cannot be developed in silos: NITDA at GITEX 2017

At GITEX 2017, Intelligent CIO Africa caught up with NITDA’s Director General/CEO, Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, to discuss the importance of Nigeria’s participation at the event and the current forecast for Nigeria’s tech development. Q: Tell us a bit about NITDA. A: NITDA is an acronym of National Information Technology Development Agency. It is the […]

Virtual teaching becomes a reality through new education technology

Vodacom and the Eastern Cape Department of Education have taken the digitalisation of education in the province a step further through the launch of the ‘Virtual Teacher’ platform in East London today. The move follows Vodacom’s Programme for Mobile Devices introduced in the province earlier this year to promote the use of digital technology in […]

Africa’s entry into Big Data and analytics

The African market is witnessing a maturation of data analytics into an independent, intuitive technology. It is becoming integral to the way people work, moving away from the predominant use by only a select few, towards a tool that is utilised across the entire organisation. According to Jane Thomson, Managing Director at Softworx, in 2017, […]

Africa gears up for IoT transformation

A recent global survey by HP Enterprise of 3,000+ IT and business decision makers at the end of 2016, found that the Internet of Things has hit an inflection point in their minds. IoT is moving from good to great. Expectations from IoT are sky-high, and those who have implemented IoT in the right way […]

Death to passwords: identity management in the modern age

By Deepak Narain, Regional Presales Manager – MENA, VMware, one of the world’s leading enablers of digital transformation. Who are you? And can you prove it? These are the two questions your technology asks you every morning. And we now have a variety of ways to answer them: from typing complex, though hopefully memorable, passwords, […]

Petya-like malware: the who, how and why, by Digital Shadows

Expert article by Rick Holland, VP Strategy at Digital Shadows: Late on 27 June, the New York Times reported that a number of Ukrainian banks and Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian state power distributor, had been affected by unidentified malware which caused significant operational disruption. Multiple security vendors and independent researchers subsequently identified the malware as a […]

Veeam drives transformation at South Africa’s Industrial Development Corporation

In 1940, the South African Parliament established the Industrial Development Corporation to advance industrial policy and ease the disruption of trade between Europe and South Africa during the Second World War. Today Industrial Development Corporation essentially drives progress by financing development projects, promoting national and international partnerships across industries, and supporting regional economic growth. Fully […]

Simplifying disaster recovery through cloud

The global landscape is characterised by two contra-acting forces. On one side we have increased environmental, geopolitical, economic, and sociological upheavals building up in almost every region. This is increasing the awareness of nations and businesses to build resilience and disaster recovery solutions into their day to day fabrics of operation. On the other hand, […]