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IT Integration: Cquential helps Cipla save lives with intelligent warehouse system

Global pharmaceutical company Cipla manufactures more than 1,500 products, with its South African subsidiary one of the country’s market leaders in terms of value and volume. To ensure the efficient delivery of its medicines to clients around the country, it moved to a new state-of-the-art warehouse in Bellville, with long-time partner Cquential providing the intelligent […]

‘The customer has changed’, says Trackmatic CEO David Slotow

Intelligent technology, smart systems and effortless mobility are empowering drivers and transforming customer engagement, says David Slotow, CEO at Trackmatic. The customer has changed- ignore this at your peril! According to a recent Gallup poll, the biggest driver of business to business (B2B) success is meaningful customer impact and yet around 60% of customers are […]

Five traits of the transformational Chief Information Officer

Article by Niral Patel, MD and Technology Leader, Oracle South Africa The transformational Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the talk of the town – a captain of innovation, charting a course toward digital transformation for your business. With a view that stretches beyond the IT department, the transformational CIO is instigating a seismic shift in […]

Public cloud: only part of the strategy for MEA organisations

Article by Yousuf Khan, CIO of Pure Storage For consumers and businesses alike, digital technology has proven disruptive. Consumers can, in theory, embrace or reject the trend as they see fit. But a reluctance to embrace digital technologies can leave organisations falling behind competitors. The good news is that enterprises in the Middle East and […]

McAfee Labs previews five cybersecurity trends for 2018

McAfee Inc. has released its McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report, which identifies five key trends to watch for in 2018. This year’s report focuses on the evolution of ransomware from traditional to new applications, the cybersecurity implications of serverless apps, the consumer privacy implications of corporations monitoring consumers in their own homes, long-term implications […]

2018 predictions: entering the next era of human machine partnerships

Article by Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC Our research partners at The Institute for the Future (IFTF) recently forecast that we’re entering the next era of human machine partnership, and that between now and 2030 humans and machines will work in closer concert with each other, transforming […]

Accessible and affordable data is key to Africa’s tech advancement

Forget growing the economy if data is not made affordable and accessible, or if app developers continue to disrespect phone users in South Africa, says Lorraine Steyn, CEO of KRS. There is currently a lot of buzz around ICT4D – the fourth Industrial Revolution. As wonderful and exciting as the possibilities are of what technology […]

Cybersecurity alert: should you fear the ‘Reaper’?

Article by Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks Move over Mirai. There’s a new monstrous botnet in town. The newly-discovered botnet, dubbed ‘Reaper’ or ‘IoTroop’, appears to be a more powerful strain of Internet of Things (IoT) attack malware than Mirai, the previous holder of the IoT botnet crown. And while Reaper hasn’t […]

10 steps to stop lateral movement in data breaches

Article by Brad Hibbert, Lead Solutions Strategist at BeyondTrust As highlighted in the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), 75% of attacks come from the outside and a whopping 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords. While the specific tactics may vary, the stages of an outsider attack are similar and […]

Why agriculture is the first frontier of African innovation

Article by Ashley Boag, Chief Business Officer at SAP Africa In 2050, Africa’s population will double to 2.4 billion people, accounting for a fifth of the global population. At the same time, the continent will need to create 20 million new jobs every year to meet the demands of what will be the world’s largest […]

SA’s intelligence environment sees increased growth and adoption

Article by Rousseau Kluever, Engagement Manager, Decision Inc. The adoption of business intelligence is as inescapable as cloud and big data, and as inextricably intertwined. Organisations which have adopted the technology early have seen significant competitive advantages. Now, more than ever, organisations are paying attention to business intelligence (BI), especially as analytics continues its steady […]

Preparation is key when defending against DDoS attacks

Article by Bryan Hamman, Arbor Networks, Territory Manager for sub-Saharan Africa If you are well prepared with your security systems – deployed in a holistic manner – you can prevent generic threats from getting into your environment. With the right tools, processes and people, you can detect and contain more advanced threats before they have […]

The future of Africa’s ports is also the future of its economic success

Article by Kirenga Rwigema, Industry Value Advisor for Ports and Rail at SAP Africa Statistics indicate that 90% of imports and exports in Africa are driven by sea. With a global middle class set to reach 5 billion people by 2030, global trade is set to continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. Reports suggest […]

Simplifying software design – making the case for pair programmers

“Two heads are better than one”, says Lorraine Steyn, co-Founder and CEO of Khanyisa Real Systems (KRS), in making the case for why it’s better to have ‘pair programmers’ and the right techniques upfront, when it comes to developing good code design that will help avoid looking for the black cat in the dark room […]

Dell Technologies predicts a new era for ‘human-machine partnerships’

A report from Dell Technologies seeks to forecast the impact of technology over the next couple of decades. Realizing 2030 takes a comprehensive look at what the future will hold by analysing what is needed to succeed on the path to digital transformation and how emerging technologies will unfold. Created with The Institute of the […]

Key considerations when using a web application firewall

Cybersecurity specialists are realising more and more the growing danger of application layer threats to a network. While there is no denying the need to remain aware of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, application layer attacks are very difficult to detect and provide little or no advanced warning before attacking your applications. This is […]

15 tips to staying secure while staying connected

Article by Chris Bullock, Managing Principal at SecureWorks Cruising the Internet can be harmful if you don’t follow best security practices. The good news is you don’t need to be a cybersecurity pro to employ smart online safety habits that can go a long way in guarding against online crime. Cybersecurity best practices make up […]

Can businesses today afford not to embrace availability?

Article by Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Africa at Veeam Digital transformation initiatives have resulted in organisations evaluating all aspects of their business strategy. The always-on availability of data is one of these and is fundamental to the success of any organisation in the months and years to come. Businesses failing to make the necessary […]

Outwitting cyber opponents with integrated threat intelligence

“Even though cybersecurity has been put under the microscope, and in spite of years of experience and cybersecurity investments, organisations continue to struggle with security analytics and operations,” states Arbor Network’s Territory Manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Bryan Hamman. He is referring to the ESG Survey, titled Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations in Transition (April 2017), which […]

Cyber insurance and availability make for good bedfellows

Article by Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Africa at Veeam With attacks like WannaCry and Petya infecting hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, many are calling this the Year of Ransomware. Its increased level of threat sophistication and maturity clearly show that even though traditional methods of data protection are essential, they are no longer […]