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Forecepoint Regional Manager on when cybercriminals go to work

What procedures should companies have in place to minimise phishing attacks? Christo van Staden, Forcepoint Regional Manager: Sub-Saharan Africa Phishing, spear phishing and ransomware represent serious threats to any organisation. They can be used to steal money, extort ransom payments, exfiltrate intellectual property, disrupt business operations and, in extreme cases, actually put a company out […]

Networks Unlimited Africa MD on how to prevent phishing attacks

Employees have become key role players in the defence against phishing, and organisations can no longer rely only on IT support and technology applications only. That is according to Anton Jacobsz, MD of Networks Unlimited Africa. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending e-mails, supposedly from a trustworthy source, to entice individuals to reveal personal and […]

Expert opinion: Is the honeymoon over for Artificial Intelligence?

Cyril Perducat, Executive Vice President of Internet of Things and Digital Offers, Schneider Electric, asks how businesses can seize value from Artificial Intelligence. Last year, Forrester noted that: “The honeymoon for enterprises naively celebrating the cure-all promises of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is over: …AI and all other new technologies like big data and cloud […]

TMA-SA expert on rescuing the business profession

Alastair Macduff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Turnaround Management Association – Southern Africa (TMA-SA), says managing a business in today’s uncertain socio-economic conditions is not without its challenges. The emergence of more agile competitors, increasingly fickle customers and global pressures mean decision-makers must keep innovating while still delivering stakeholder value. Some have turned […]

J2 Software cautious about free and easy access to IP

The growth in cyberattacks is all too familiar.  Hackers use their devious skills to acquire financial and personal information with the unwitting victim’s data either being sold or used to commit fraud or make purchases. John McLoughlin, MD, J2 Software, says that the growth in rewards programme’s fraud has provided a new method for criminals […]

Service providers need the ability to future-proof their networks

Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks, says service providers need to future-proof their networks embracing architectures and solutions that give them the ability to utilise different deployment options. For a service provider to succeed, their technology needs to work for them, not vice versa. And it certainly can’t work against them. Service Providers need choice. […]

How disruptive technologies are reshaping traditional business models

Datacentrix is fostering discussions on the possibilities that the digital age brings to South Africa and how disruptive technologies are reshaping traditional business models. Dr. Dennis Mwansa, an expert with both local and international experience in the field of stock traders and their related technologies, has contributed to the theme, ‘trading billions in nanoseconds – […]

‘The connected, information-enabled utility of the future’

Joanne Shields, Managing Director at BT in Africa, asks if utility companies are ready for changes brought on by digital disruption? Utility companies currently operate in one of the most complex, high profile, regulated and politically charged sectors. But, and even by these standards, the next decade is set to be the most testing yet. […]

‘ICT outsourcing is not dead’ says T-Systems South Africa expert

As an increasing number of organisations become more ambitious with their cloud migration strategies, Sonja Weber, Lead Delivery Solution Manager at T-Systems South Africa, says that ICT outsourcing is certainly not dead, although technology players are being forced to add value in new ways. While hyperscale cloud OEMs provide many of the essential infrastructure and […]

Genetec expert on the expected increase in ransomware

What can we do about the expected increase in ransomware and cyberextortion tools? By Firas Jadalla, Regional Director, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Genetec Inc. Physical security systems and devices, including cameras and door controllers, are smarter and more powerful than ever before. As part of both public and private networks, they are increasingly interconnected […]

‘Don’t let congestion humiliate your Wi-Fi’, says Riverbed expert

In a relatively short time, smart devices have moved from being a luxury item to an everyday essential. Elie Dib, Regional Vice-President, METNA, Riverbed, looks at how providers can remain effective during busy periods. In a relatively short time, smart devices have moved from being a luxury item to an everyday essential. Wireless communications – […]

The impact of digital transformation on economic growth in Africa

As African organisations undergo digital transformation, understanding this massive shift and how to harness it will be vital for organisations across the continent, according to Mandla Mbonambi, founding CEO of Africonology. Access to information, new ways of doing things and consumer consumption patterns will continue to force African organisation to digitise their products and service […]

Businesses need to Re-Imagine IT, says MANXit expert Hannes Botes

Hannes Botes, Chief Technology Officer, MANXiT, unpacks the issues and fears surrounding the outsourcing of IT Management as a service (ITMaaS) and directs businesses to Re-Imagine IT. ITMaaS may be defined as outsourcing the management of a company’s IT – a concept that can either strike fear into the heart of every CIO but if examined […]

‘Intelligence’ underpins a valuable cybersecurity approach

Expert opinion piece by Riaan Badenhorst, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab Africa. The continued hype centered towards the topic of cybercrime is no hype at all. It is a very real and growing issue that still needs tangible and immediate attention. In fact, Kaspersky Lab’s recently presented Cybersecurity Trends in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) […]

Infoblox expert on the importance of cyberthreat intelligence

Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming increasingly important in the battle against cybercrime? By Ali Sleiman, Technical Director MEA, Infoblox Threat intelligence is analysed information about the intent, opportunity and capability of malicious actors. This is where the planning phase becomes important, today’s organisations are required to understand their own environment first and then understand the challenges […]

What the online rhetoric doesn’t tell you about business growth

Terri Hiskey, Vice-President, Manufacturing Product Marketing, Epicor Software Corporation, looks at how business growth can put a strain on resources. You don’t have to search far on LinkedIn before you come across phrases like ‘I’m a results-driven go-getter’, ‘I thrive in a fast-paced environment’, ‘I’m a best-of-breed strategic thinker’ and ‘I have a track-record for […]

Expert opinion: Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming important?

Is cyberthreat intelligence becoming increasingly important in the battle against cybercrime? By John McLoughlin, MD, J2 Software Cyberthreat intelligence is not becoming increasingly important. Cyberthreat intelligence is already critically important in the battle against cybercrime. It is just unfortunate that so many do not make use of service providers and platforms that provide access to […]

Oracle expert: Companies are increasingly turning to cloud computing

Companies looking to harness the full potential of their Internet of Things investments are increasingly turning to cloud computing, according to Craig Nel, Cloud Platform Leader, Mobile, BOTS and A1 at Oracle Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Gartner’s technology predictions state that 2018 will be the year in which intelligent things proliferate, driving a shift from […]

Cyber resilience: A strategy the public sector can’t afford to overlook

Public services are getting smarter and more connected. However, Thomas Mangwiro, Business Development, Public Sector, Mimecast, says these innovations need to be matched with a new defensive strategy. Public services are getting smarter and more connected, but these innovations need to be matched with a new defensive strategy. The opportunity to wreak cyber havoc against […]

In212 Technologies expert: Chatbots improves Government service delivery

As our government looks towards new technologies to enhance services to South Africa’s 55 million citizens and residents, Saurabh Kumar, CEO at In212 Technologies, says Chatbots appear as a valuable tool, with the potential to transform the way people engage with government departments. Chatbots combine the ease of mobile messaging with the power of Artificial […]