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Red Hat expert on the top five ways that DevSecOps isn’t like sport

Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat, discusses the similarities – and big differences – between DevSecOps and sport. There’s the World Cup, cricket, baseball, rugby, Wimbledon – more sport around at the moment than you can shake a stick (or bat, racket or croquet mallet) at. I love watching various sports – an activity […]

Attackers could use heat traces left on keyboard to steal passwords

Tomas Foltyn, Security Writer at ESET, outlines details of an attack called ‘Thermanator’, which could use your body heat against you in order to steal your credentials or any other short string of text that you have typed on a computer keyboard. A team of academics from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), have presented […]

Sophos expert on how to identify and avoid phishing scams

Phishing might be one of the oldest tricks in the books for cybercriminals but it remains a significant threat, with sophisticated new attack methods constantly emerging. Harish Chib, Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Sophos, outlines some of the current trends and offers some advice to help businesses and organisations protect themselves against the scam. […]

Effective cloud security requires a dedicated hybrid approach

As more businesses embrace digital transformation strategies, there is a growing need to ensure robust cloud security solutions are in place. Riaan Badenhorst, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab Africa, discusses the cybersecurity risks of using cloud services and how these can be mitigated with the use of specialist technologies. With the advancement towards digital transformation remaining […]

Applying threat intelligence to secure the enterprise network

By Ashraf Sheet, Regional Director, Middle East and Africa at Infoblox In a world in which cybercriminals are becoming increasingly stealthy and using increasingly sophisticated techniques, from ransomware to DNS hijacking, it is becoming more difficult, more expensive and less effective for businesses alone to defend themselves against threats. According to research recently carried out […]

The office relationship: It’s digital anxiety, says expert

The fax machine. It still squawks dustily in some African offices, sending messages using a technology almost as dated as the smoke signal. Employees still work with legacy technology, ageing systems and outdated operating systems. Their relationship with technology is both flawed and frustrating – they’re intimidated, confused and distrustful. According to Mandla Mbonambi, founding […]

The importance of protecting data from insider threats

Gregg Petersen, Regional Sales Vice President, Middle East & Africa at Veeam, discusses the importance of data protection and keeping data protected from insider threats, and data loss. “Malicious attacks from employees may be less frequent than external attacks, however their damage potential can be just as catastrophic, if not more so,” said Petersen. “Those […]

Veeam’s Kate Mollett on imminent arrival of two new data centres

Kate Mollett, Regional Manager for South Africa at Veeam, says the imminent arrival of two Microsoft Azure data centres on local shores means organisations across industry sectors are re-evaluating their availability strategies. Until recently, the focus has been on establishing an always-on environment and implementing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions capable of delivering on […]

Open source skills are the next big thing according to SUSE expert

Matthew Lee, Regional Manager for SUSE Africa, discusses why he believes open source skills are the next big thing. South Africa is a skills-hungry country. In fact, according to Adzuna, the rarest skills are in the digital and technology sectors, where demand is far outstripping supply – and that is exactly what the industry is […]

Equinix expert on how organisations can best secure their data

There is always the threat that losing your company’s data will bring your business to a close. Not only is the cyberattack landscape increasing in frequency, scale and complexity but the cost of trying to recover from an attack is growing astronomically as well. A recent IBM Security and Ponemon Institute global study showed the […]

Redstor expert on what firms should have to safeguard their data

What procedures should companies have in place to safeguard their data? By Heidi Weyers, General manager for Sales at Redstor in SA. Given the exponential growth of data and increasing threat of sophisticated cyberattacks, there is absolutely no doubt that a secure backup is essential to any credible data management strategy. Backup is required to […]

Why African businesses need to move to intelligent data management

Kate Mollett, the new Regional Manager for South Africa at Veeam, says changing regulatory requirements necessitate a more considered approach to ensure data is securely maintained, stored and accessed in an increasingly connected environment. In May this year, we unveiled our vision for the hyper-available enterprise and our strategy to guide enterprise customers on their […]

AppCentrix expert on importance of safeguarding your data

What procedures should companies have in place to safeguard their data? By Omar Sati, Executive Board Member at AppCentrix International When thinking about their data, organisations primarily concern themselves with data management and processing, but the scope extends well beyond this and should now include specific requirements such as data security and transparency. Especially considering […]

Integrated security ensures peace of mind, says NewTelco expert

Security threats can come from anywhere, be it cybercriminals looking to attack your business’ data, intruders targeting physical hardware or even internal employees haplessly giving away company secrets or letting unauthorised people into your environment. While security technologies are evolving rapidly, traditional intruder detection systems, alarm panels and access control technologies can no longer operate […]

Oracle expert on importance of privacy of data and how to protect it

Article by Dragan Petkovic, Security Product Leader ECEMEA at Oracle.  Privacy of data remains one of the most vulnerable resources and the requirement to protect personal data is only intensifying with the likes of the GDPR and PoPI Act coming into effect. We are likely to see steep fines being imposed during the second half […]

World Cup scams: how to avoid an own goal

Tomas Foltyn, Security Writer at ESET, says that, whether travelling to enjoy the matches in person, or watching from home, fans should be on the lookout for foul play when it comes to the FIFA World Cup. Have you been looking forward to the 2018 FIFA World Cup? So have scammers and they’re kicking it […]

The ‘quick win’ that can kick-start your cloud migration journey

As more vendors push their clients to adopt cloud services, Abrie Joubert, DSM Expert: End User Services at T-Systems South Africa, says there’s a logical first step that that can provide the impetus for full-scale cloud transformation. ‘Slowly and then all at once’. This eloquent line from author John Green aptly describes the nature of […]

Public cloud presents unique challenges, says Securicom

South African businesses are increasingly shifting applications, services and infrastructure to the cloud where they are more accessible and available. However, Securicom says companies are discovering that the public cloud presents some unique challenges. “South African businesses switching to the public cloud need to consider that their data could be located anywhere on the globe,” […]

Steps needed to close Africa’s high-end IT security skills gaps

Paul Williams, Country Manager – Southern Africa at Fortinet, says businesses cannot afford to wait five or more years for security engineers to hone high-end skills – new skills development models must be introduced now as the Fourth Industrial Revolution sweeps the continent. Specialised IT skills are in short supply worldwide and African businesses have […]

Huawei expert on what will drive Africa’s digital economy

Article by Dr. Mohamed Madkour, Vice President of Huawei Global Wireless Network Marketing Access to technology changes people’s lives, improves business and drives economic growth – that much is a fact of life. Universal access to Internet connectivity is even being punted as a basic human right. Huawei’s recently released GIV (Global Industry Vision) predicts […]