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T-Mobile Polska and T-Systems Polska join forces

T-Mobile Polska and T-Systems Polska join forces

After successful integration with GTS Polska, T-Mobile Polska has just started cooperation with T-Systems Polska. This cooperation aims to combine the potential of both companies and create an integrated offer of telecommunications and IT services under local management for business customers. T-Mobile already has a broad portfolio of fixed, mobile, data centre and ICT services. With the acquisition of T-Systems, T-Mobile will be adding new IT solutions to complement its data centre and network services.

Thanks to successful integration with GTS Poland, T-Mobile Poland offers business customers more than ever. The company’s portfolio has already expanded to include a wide range of fixed-line, mobile and data centre services, giving operators the edge in the highly competitive business services market in Poland. Now T-Mobile Polska is going to expand its portfolio of ICT products with new IT solutions by joining forces with T-Systems Polska under one local management. According to the agreement signed on September 1, 2017, T-Mobile Polska acquired 100 percent of T-Systems Polska shares from T Systems International and became the sole owner of the company in Poland.

“After successfully integrating with GTS Polska, T-Mobile Polska continues to work to provide customers with a full range of end-to-end ICT solutions. System integration, SAP implementation, outsourcing and IT management, and thus broad knowledge of enterprise digitisation processes.” said Andreas Maierhofer, President of T Mobile Polska SA.

“T-Systems Polska has a long and successful history of managing large scale IT projects, and its qualified team, affiliate network and market knowledge provide invaluable expertise that is a perfect complement to T-Mobile’s infrastructure and data centres.”

T-Systems Poland will remain a separate company and will continue to provide products and services under the T-Systems brand. Alexander Bartz, the current managing director of T-Systems Polska, will continue to lead the company in close consultation with T-Mobile Poland’s B2B board member Artur Ostrowski. T-Mobile Polska and T-Systems Polska are currently working on a common market approach, both companies will be regularly informing the market and customers about the next steps as well as introducing new products and services to the offer.

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