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RateGain brings real-time, big data intelligence to airline pricing

RateGain brings real-time, big data intelligence to airline pricing

RateGain announces the launch of AirGain, a real-time airline pricing intelligence solution that collects and analyses airline fares for diverse categories and attributes across multiple distribution channels. With AirGain, an airline aims to solve such critical business challenges as inaccurate/delayed pricing, understanding ancillaries pricing, and tackling the airline rate parity issues.

RateGain CEO, Bhanu Chopra, says, “Airlines are increasingly pressured by diminishing margins and hyper competition from digitally driven online travel companies. Pricing Intelligence is not an option anymore, if an Airline wants to sustain, let alone upping their game. Real-time Pricing intelligence with AirGain is like watching their playfield from 30,000 feet, yet, being able to dive right into the problem area whenever needed.”

AirGain captures pricing data in real-time and represents it in form of visual insights on Airlines’ comparative position, market dynamics, yield per departure, rate disparity alerts and much more. An SaaS-based product, AirGain easily integrates with top revenue management platforms. Based on Microsoft Azure platform, the solution is scalable for future data needs and deployments.

Anand Medepalli, RateGain’s Chief Product Officer, says, “Airlines are restrained by legacy systems to process and monetise Airfare big data. Revenue Managers can leverage real-time insights from this data to fuel their pricing and revenue strategies. With AirGain, the intent is to redefine how pricing intelligence is gathered and utilised.”

RateGain is seeing significant interest from airlines in this next generation price intelligence solution and is pleased to have already signed two contracts with a leading European Airline company.

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