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Nexans supports circular economy with launch of recycling services

Nexans supports circular economy with launch of recycling services

As the strain on resources and global waste generation continue to increase, efficient use of raw materials and state-of-the-art waste management is crucial for global sustainable development. In a few decades, metal will become increasingly scarce and recycling will become an ever more important source of metal. In fact, even today, more than 33 percent of the world’s aluminium and 40 percent of total copper production come from recycling, e.g. “urban mines”. To further promote and encourage circular economy, Nexans has launched Nexans Recycling Services aimed at helping customers and partners manage their cable waste.

With this launch, Nexans intends to simplify the disposal of any copper or aluminium cable, regardless of its origins. The new service allows installers, distributors, utilities, as well as OEMs, resource companies and contractors to benefit from monetary compensation for their cable waste based on a transparent valorisation process.

Nexans Recycling Services include turnkey logistics solutions: from collection of leftover and end-of-life cables from construction sites, renovation sites or dismantled installations of their transfer to Nexans’ recycling facilities. In addition, Nexans Recycling Services team also provides empty containers for bulk cable waste as well as trucks for cable drums.

According to an EU directive, since 2008, companies in Europe are legally responsible for their cable waste until they can prove it has been disposed or recycled. To address such liabilities, Nexans is committed to ensuring full traceability of the operations along the recycling process.

Also, as copper and aluminium, two core components of electrical cables, are 100 percent reusable, Nexans seeks to improve resource efficiency and reduce potential emissions from mining and refining processes by separating and recovering the non-ferrous metals from cable waste.

“With the launch of Nexans Recycling Services, we are happy to bring over 30 years of experience in recycling cable waste to the service of our customers,” said Guy Burlet, Director of Nexans Recycling Services. “Yet what is even more exciting is that this added-value service allows us and our customers to contribute to building a more sustainable world of tomorrow.”

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