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BlockEx launches YourBlock token pre-sale

BlockEx launches YourBlock token pre-sale

BlockEx, a Digital Asset Exchange Platform, will manage token sale for YourBlock, a blockchain based data comparison and incentivised platform.

From the 18th December – 15th of January, BlockEx is hosting and managing YourBlock’s token pre-sale. BlockEx is a Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP). As part of its mission to offer the best digital assets to its traders, it has launched the BlockEx ICO Market. This will help companies to launch their ICOs, which will then be hosted exclusively on the platform. Participants can subscribe to YourBlock’s token pre-sale using BTC, ETH or Fiat. BlockEx prides itself on bringing the regulatory framework and good governance of traditional financial institutions to the ICO landscape.

YourBlock’s ICO comes at an important time. The public are becoming increasingly concerned about the privacy of their personal data, while service providers need a new option for looking after this information correctly. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force next year, meaning service providers face potentially costly data overhauls, or the risk of huge fines. YourBlock provides a compliant solution for these service providers and for individuals worried about the security of their data. YourBlock’s online digital filing cabinet returns control of personal data to the consumer.

YourBlock has two sides. On one side, consumers can input and mange their own data, on the other, service providers can upload details of plans and offers. The blockchain allows both parties to connect with transparency and trust. Consumers can shop for insurance and utilities whilst keeping control of their data and will be rewarded for doing so. It will cut out middlemen like price comparison sites and cut down on nuisance calls, hacks and phishing. YourBlock will create a fundamental change in the relationship between consumers and service providers.

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