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Carl Data Poland works with university on advancing AI applications

Carl Data Poland works with university on advancing AI applications

Carl Data Solutions Inc’s (‘Carl Data’ or the ‘Company’), Polish subsidiary will be working closely with a team of engineering and robotics masters students at the Gdańsk University of Technology to continue R&D for its wastewater infrastructure monitoring machine learning features. Lead by a PhD with over ten year’s experience coordinating teams researching automated control and decision systems, and robotics, these technology specialists will help Carl Data’s Polish data science centre remain at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) applications for this sector.

Tomasz Białaszewski, PhD, has been fascinated with applying advanced robotics and automated control systems to water and wastewater infrastructure since he began his master’s thesis in 1997. By the time he finished his PhD in 2006, he had shifted his focus to applying machine learning (AI) algorithms to gain insight from the data gathered by his mobile robotics systems.

“Poland has many problems optimising its waste water infrastructure,” said Białaszewski. “These issues are associated with huge costs, especially where leaks and overflows occur.”

By working closely with the Carl Data Poland’s data scientists, Białaszewski and his team are helping create a fast, logical machine learning system to address a very complex engineering problem. Carl Data is combining their Big Data sets acquired from over a dozen years monitoring wastewater infrastructure with data from a specially designed control system and then using the university’s super computers to build breakthrough precision for its predictive analytic features.

Greg Johnston, Carl Data CEO, commented, “These new products and features will further set Carl Data apart from its competition by dramatically increasing operational efficiency in sensor monitoring analysis. This advantage will help Carl Data achieve its revenue targets by offering a superior product from its Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) Platform.”

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