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Orange launches first fully unlimited mobile subscription in Belgium

Orange launches first fully unlimited mobile subscription in Belgium

Orange Belgium has announced the launch of the first mobile subscription with unlimited mobile data volume in Belgium as a first move underlining its bold challenger positioning. As from €40/month, on top of unlimited SMS and calls, the Orange Eagle tariff plans will now include unlimited mobile data to allow customers to surf carefree anytime and anywhere they want without having to worry about their Internet use anymore. Orange Belgium surveyed over 1,100 customers and it became apparent that the great majority of intense users wanted an unlimited mobile data bundle.

Orange Eagle and Eagle Premium tariff plans are to be fully unlimited and this doesn’t request any customers input as it will happen automatically. Both Eagle and Eagle Premium monthly subscriptions will increase by €1 from March 13th.

A recent survey of Orange revealed that there’s a big demand for a tariff plan that offers unlimited mobile data as:

  • The use of public Wi-Fi connections is frowned upon. Especially searching for the right password (63%), a slow connection (51%) and the difficulty to connect (44%) are barriers customers face that means they don’t like to surf on public Wi-Fi.
  • 8 in 10 people have to adapt their mobile data use so that they don’t breach their limit, something that 2 in 3 people are unhappy with.

A top quality network for a unique unlimited offer

Orange largely invests in its network to guarantee a very qualitative experience for its customers. Investments are made not only to prepare for the future, but also to offer speed and capacity to the growing demand for mobile data. Thanks to these investments, Orange is able to guarantee the required network capacity for an unlimited experience. Today, Orange 4G network covers 99.8% of the Belgian territory. The indicators of the telecom regulator, BIPT, recognise the very high quality of the 4G network of Orange (coverage maps).

Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Belgium, explained: “We decided to adopt a bold challenger positioning, focusing on what’s essential for our customers. Many of them were asking for extra data due to the growing success of various social media, videos and streaming services. We simply listened to them and are proud to launch the very first fully unlimited mobile offer in Belgium supported by our leading 4G network. We now also propose the first fully unlimited ‘Love’ package (mobile, Internet and TV) of the market, perfectly suited for customers who are looking for a complete peace of mind.”

Eagle and Eagle Premium customers can enjoy 20GB/month of mobile data on Orange’s high quality and speed 4G network. They can continue to surf carefree at a reduced speed of 512 Kbps without any limit of surf volume in Belgium. Surfing at 512 Kbps offers a convenient connection speed and allows customers to check their emails, use their social networks, watch videos on YouTube, alongside many other social media capabilities. In the EU, customers can surf without any speed limitation at €0.0072/MB after reaching over 20GB of mobile data volume.

Orange customers who already enjoy an Eagle tariff plan will receive a letter explaining the subscription evolution. They are not required to do anything in order to receive the unlimited package as Orange will activate it automatically.

Orange Eagle and Eagle Premium can be combined with the Love offer. The pack offers unlimited voice calls, SMS, mobile data and fixed Internet and premium TV content for only €79/month.

100 GB option for businesses

On the business market, Orange offers Business Everywhere 100GB. With Business Everywhere 100GB, employees can literally work everywhere on all their devices via mobile data. As from €40/month on top of their existing bundle, business clients can enjoy the benefits of a complete solution to make work life easier thanks to an extra 100GB of mobile data, including roaming in the EU and at a continuous full speed.

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