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Amsterdam healthcare provider Cordaan mobilises its workforce

Amsterdam healthcare provider Cordaan mobilises its workforce

MobileIron, the security backbone for modern work, has announced it is helping Cordaan, a healthcare provider serving more than 20,000 people from 120 locations and 60 home care teams across Amsterdam, to mobilise its workforce. With MobileIron Web@Work Cordaan ensures its healthcare workers can immediately access patient data and resources. Additionally, Cordaan has begun securely managing its internal documents using MobileIron Docs@Work to enable smarter, faster healthcare decisions.

“We provide a range of healthcare services to elderly residents as well as children and adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues, which means each of our patients has very unique needs. Now that we have deployed secure mobile devices and apps with MobileIron, clinicians have the most up-to-date patient information at their fingertips. This allows them to access the information and healthcare resources they need to make timely decisions that improve patient care,” said Niels van der Voort, Web Director, Cordaan.

Secure, mobile healthcare resources improve care delivery and productivity

Cordaan sought an enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendor to securely manage the organisation’s devices, apps and data. In consultation with technology partner, Vodafone, the company selected MobileIron because of its experience in the healthcare sector, the innovative, scalable and flexible platform, the layered security options and the expertise in mobile security.

Cordaan wanted to help its clinicians spend more time providing care and less time doing paperwork. The company created a secure healthcare portal providing quick, secure access with MobileIron Web@Work. Mobile employees can seamlessly access patient information, open productivity apps such as Office 365 and Sharepoint, connect to partner sites and manage other tasks using single sign-on (SSO). “MobileIron also enabled us to configure the portal using Active Directory, so we can assign role-based profiles to ensure employees can only access the applications they are authorised to use,” said Niels van der Voort, Web Director at Cordaan.

Additionally, Cordaan has also begun securely managing internal documents using MobileIron Docs@Work. “We produce a lot of internal letters that need to be reviewed and signed by people within our organisation,” said Arrianne Naber, Functional Applications Manager at Cordaan. “With Docs@Work, we can quickly and securely distribute medical letters through our system, which will enable authorised users to upload, open and edit letters right from their mobile devices so healthcare decisions can be made faster,” she said.

Arming a mobile-first workforce for the future

Today, Cordaan manages about 2.300 company-owned devices across its mobile workforce. The company’s entire mobile fleet now uses iOS devices provisioned through MobileIron. Cordaan is also leveraging the streamlined deployment and device supervision capabilities of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), which helps organisations meet security and regulatory compliance requirements for devices, apps and data.

With MobileIron as its foundation for mobile security, Cordaan has taken significant steps toward meeting current and future healthcare regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As government and industry regulations evolve, partnering with a security leader like MobileIron will greatly simplify Cordaan’s ability to fulfil ever-changing compliance requirements.

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