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Mobilum enables digital currency owners to pay anywhere at any time

Mobilum enables digital currency owners to pay anywhere at any time

Mobilum is revolutionising the payment options for digital currency by enabling currency owners to spend their assets immediately and in real-time. Mobilum has created the first platform that will allow digital currency owners the ability to utilise their assets anywhere, at any time, using any payment card.

With Mobilum, digital currency owners are able to simply take out an electronic or physical card and place it on a payment terminal to complete a transaction. Digital assets to fiat currency exchange is quick and immediate and available via mobile app, the Mobilum Wallet.

Mobilum’s partnership allows for the redemption of digital currency anywhere, at any time with no extra fees (e.g. transaction costs), while guaranteeing the most favourable execution mechanism for the user.

The ability to directly connect any currency of choice with any payment card, regardless of the issuing entity is all made possible via the Mobilum Token (MBM), a truly liquid token that enables instant exchange from any digital coin to any fiat currency, in real-time. This is what makes Mobilum a one-of-a-kind payment method for users around the globe.

With Mobilum’s executives having more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the financial sector as well as in FinTech, the Mobilum team is finalising the project making it a success in the most refined way possible.

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