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APC, Lenovo and Scale Computing join forces to create ‘Easy Does IT’

APC, Lenovo and Scale Computing join forces to create ‘Easy Does IT’

Scale Computing, the leading provider of hyperconverged solutions, has announced its alliance with APC by Schneider and Lenovo to deliver a turnkey hyperconverged micro datacentre-in-a-box, which will meet the needs of edge computing. The platform which is configured by Copaco will save organisations both time and money by modernising and simplifying their IT infrastructure and is launched in the Netherlands through a campaign called ‘Easy Does IT’.

The joint platform will offer shared virtualisation, compute and storage resources under the control of software intelligence and automation to enable this highly simplified infrastructure solution.

Scale Computing’s hyperconverged software, including virtualisation and sizing expertise, is integrated with APC and Lenovo to provide a rack with power cabling and two switches. Each solution can be tailored and configured to meet the individual needs of a customer, utilising the technology partnership to deliver bespoke solutions.

The technology alliance will deliver a simple, fast, cost-effective and resilient solution for channel partners, MSPs and end-users that can meet the challenges of edge computing, IoT, virtualisation and Big Data. Scale Computing’s simplified stack requires no expertise and has no extra virtualisation software to license, saving organisations both time and money. With added pay as you grow flexibility, organisations can start small and grow as and when needed.

In addition, the micro data centre has built-in redundancy providing business continuity, even in the most remote locations. The solution is packaged up and ready to be deployed, providing a quick, cost-efficient and simple IT infrastructure that can support edge computing needs.

Johan Pellicaan, Vice President and Managing Director EMEA from Scale Computing, commented: “The ‘Easy Does IT’ initiative has already seen traction, before launch, from customers in the Netherlands who are looking to focus on distributed enterprises and edge computing demands. The alliance brings together the latest developments from leading vendors and combines this into a micro data centre platform, providing customers with the latest modern technology. We look forward to a successful introduction and rollout in other countries.”

René Schoone, CEO from Floricultura, commented: “The micro-datacentre-in-a box has helped us to dramatically reduce IT costs and improve performance and efficiency. We store vast amounts of data and it’s critical that our multiple sites are able to operate away from the main data centre. The platform is easy to manage and with ability to scale as we grow, we have the added guarantee that our IT needs will not only be met now, but in the future.”

In a joint statement from APC, Lenovo and distribution and assembly partner, Copaco, Tom Sluys, General Manager of the Data Center Group (DCG) at Lenovo Benelux, said, “We are continuously working to meet the needs of edge computing environments and are pleased to have partnered with Scale Computing to deliver a turnkey appliance that can provide the simplicity, support and flexibility needed. Together this partnership unites the best practices and policies of each vendor, to provide a bespoke solution that can meet edge computing requirements. Our innovative micro data centre solutions continue to be recognised as industry-leading technologies and we are always looking to be able to improve our services to ensure we can meet growing customer demands.”

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