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Vodafone Power Lab boosts globalisation of national startups

Vodafone Power Lab boosts globalisation of national startups

Vodafone Power Lab has just completed a partnership with the English company Old Street Labs to start using its Vizibl platform in Portugal. The collaboration came as part of the Arch Summit – one of the biggest startup events in Europe – and will allow startups incubated at Vodafone Power Lab to be part of a global platform where they are exposed to a vast network of partners and suppliers in the markets where the Vodafone Group operates, thus facilitating possible cross-border business relationships.

In addition, thanks to Vizibl, Vodafone Power Lab initiates a deep process of digital transformation in the way it manages its relationship with the startups it supports. Through the innovative tools that Vizibl makes available, it is possible to monitor, in real time, the development of each project, as well as streamline processes in order to boost the accomplishment of the tasks.

Luís Pedro Cardoso, Head of Innovation at Vodafone Portugal, is optimistic about the opportunities that Vizibl can create for national startups: “Our strategy for Vodafone Power Lab is to work in collaboration with partners and mentors to help entrepreneurs to develop their business. Working closely with Old Street Labs to deploy Vizibl is another example of the power of partnerships and adds to this revenue a global dimension. We are very excited to realise that this platform can create business opportunities for startups in other markets.”

Mark Perera, CEO of Old Street Labs, said: “Vodafone is leading the way in which key suppliers and startups work together. We are proud that Vizibl is being used to manage Vodafone’s innovation pipeline in Portugal.”

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