Cloud technology is becoming more utilised in the workplace

By Angela Evans, Office Business Leader at Microsoft UK “In recent years, the cloud has undoubtedly established itself as a key cog in the enterprise IT wheel. With clear benefits in data storage, security and recovery, 96% of businesses have implemented cloud services to reap both short and long-term advantages. As the technology has embedded […]

Incident response: a six-step guide

Tim Bandos, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Digital Guardian, discusses how good incident response always starts with answering six key questions. Incident response is defined as the process by which an organisation handles a data breach or cyberattack. The goal of incident response is to efficiently manage an incident so that the damage is limited […]

How to derive value from ‘pay as you go’ cloud

Source: Rob Mellor, VP GM EMEA, WhereScape If you’ve ever had the joy of watching eight-year olds play football, you’ll have witnessed a particular parent on the sidelines; not content with simple encouragement, they bellow instructions to their child to do things that, frankly, the world’s greatest players might struggle with! Their understanding of the […]

Has cloud killed the in-house data centre?

As worldwide spending on cloud services skyrockets towards $141 billion by 2019, traditional in-house data centres seem to be evaporating. In 2005, 90% of data centres were enterprise-owned, but by 2020 IDC believes we can expect a 50-50 split with service providers. By 2021, there will be 15% fewer data centres compared to 2015, as […]

Error message: mistakes secret to coding success

Source: Pete Wilton, Goldsmiths, University of London Giving students the confidence to make mistakes when they are learning to write computer code could enable them to become more successful coders, research from Goldsmiths, University of London suggests. The research was presented by Dr Matthew Yee-King at the recent IEEE Global Engineering Conference (Educon 2017) in […]

Seven things companies should know about AI and sustainable business

Article by: Dunstan Allison-Hope, Managing Director, BSR; Jacob Park, Director, Sustainable Futures Lab, BSR; Michael Rohwer, Associate Director, Information and Communications Technology, BSR Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly, thanks to ever-more-powerful computing, massive growth in the availability of digital data and increasingly sophisticated algorithms. The world’s largest technology firms are investing billions to develop […]

Biometric advancement predictions for 2018

Article by: Tom Harwood, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Aeriandi “As it stands, it is estimated that between 30 percent to 50 percent of all fraud incidents are initiated with a phone call, meaning telephone agents in contact centres are particularly vulnerable to social engineering and manipulation. Web-based security measures have evolved much faster […]

ANSecurity’s technical director warns of potential security breaches

Criminal services expand As predictable as day follows night, 2018 will see more high profile breaches impact large and well-known companies. What will be less visible to the public will be the activities of Crime-as-a-Service (CaaS) which will expand, allowing more focused criminals to rent resource for ransomware campaigns that may never be exposed to […]

Biometric security predictions for 2018

Can biometrics replace any existing authentication technology today? Yes, biometrics can replace existing authentication technology today but there is a lot of work to be done and additional security layers are needed to be commercially viable. For example, I do not regard FaceIT from Apple as secure due to twins and printed masks that have […]

Data – the most important force in society today

Data is the most important force in society today and the flood of data generated by intelligent, connected machines is the lifeblood for the future of technology innovation. This force inspires us to imagine and deliver data-rich innovations based on artificial intelligence (AI). At Intel, we not only see the future, we’re building it. From […]