Understanding the role of AI, ML and Deep Learning in cybersecurity

Derek Lin, Chief Data Scientist at Exabeam, talks to us about AI, ML and Deep Learning and how to avoid getting lost in the hype. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), there’s no shortage of buzz and hype. Often referred to interchangeably, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are part of […]

Key cultural considerations to drive Digital Transformation success

Ananth Subramanya, Head of Digital Applications and Platforms, Digital and Analytics, HCL Technologies, discusses the changes businesses need to make to adapt to Digital Transformation. Industries across the globe are digitising operations to optimise output and improve customer experience. Yet, in a business landscape that’s constantly changing, there are a multitude of digital endeavours that […]

Achieving the right balance between insight and data privacy

Mark Humphries, Managing Consultant for Civica Digital, explores the importance of data structure and governance for insights-driven councils and public bodies.  In recent months there have been several stories of councils developing predictive algorithms to identify families where children may be at risk from abuse or gang exploitation. According to research by The Guardian, algorithms […]

GDPR: Protecting customers’ data during online activity

GDPR is a buzzword that was hard to avoid in 2018. Barely a day went by without mention of the EU’s new data protection laws – be it in brand email communications, public social media posts or press reports. There’s no arguing that the information was not readily available in the lead up to the […]

How Digital Transformation can help cultivate customer experiences

Alexander Rinke, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Celonis, informs business leaders how to improve business operations to accelerate the Digital Transformation process. If you want to see the future of the enterprise, you don’t need a crystal ball. Instead, simply look at how consumer businesses have evolved: what happened five years ago in consumer software is what’s […]

Expert opinion: The rapid rise of business mobility

The introduction of mobile solutions within the workforce is allowing for improved scalability, flexibility and productivity. Leigh Moody, SOTI UK MD, talks to us about the importance of businesses adapting to a mobile workforce to keep up with the pace of Digital Transformation in the modern world. Mobility is having a profound impact on how […]

Expert opinion: Harnessing the mainframe for Digital Transformation

Elizabeth Maxwell, EMEA Mainframe Technical Director at Compuware, offers an insight for businesses on the best ways to update tools and cultural processes to incorporate the mainframe into their digital future. Digital Transformation should be harnessed to best benefit a business in this modern technology era. Digital Transformation is at the top of the agenda […]

Experts advise on how to protect your business this Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year as a way for schools to educate children on online safety. But it’s not a day that should be solely relevant for school children – it has a lot of relevance to businesses too. The 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, conducted on behalf of the UK government, revealed […]

Veeam expands leadership in cloud data management

Veeam Software has announced the general availability for new cloud data management capabilities and Ratmir Timashev, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Veeam, explains what this means in more detail.  Veeam Software, a leader in backup solutions which enables intelligent data management, has announced the general availability for new cloud data management capabilities […]

Quest Software expert on the insider threat to the education sector

Cybercrime is a growing problem globally and the higher education sector is not immune to this threat argues Colin Truran, Principal Technology Strategist, Quest Software. As today’s modern campus relies on online services to power its learning and teaching environment, a greater number of devices belonging to students or staff connected to the network are […]