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How real-time data technology drives AI in financial services

Roshan Kumar, Senior Product Manager, Redis Labs, discusses the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions which are having an impact on the financial sector, helping it to propel innovation.  About 50 years ago, Barclays opened its first automatic teller machine (ATM) and changed the way we did banking. To this day, the ATM has been one […]

The ‘CIO cycle’ is endangering Digital Transformation, says expert

CIOs must adapt their approach to business operations in order to drive change within their organisation. Darren Fields, Vice President, UK & Ireland, Citrix, discusses a CIO’s responsibilities as Digital Transformation evolves, and offers his best practice advice as their role becomes increasingly critical. Not so many years ago, IT’s role was primarily to supply […]

Expert says 2019 is the year of the mainframe renaissance

Bill Miller, President, ZSolutions at BMC Software, believes businesses and organisations are going to transform the way they run their operations by taking a more automated approach. Technologies such as AI and ML are all the hype and are only going to become more popular as the modern workforce continues to evolve. At a time […]

Securing your company’s customer experience future

Matt Hooper, SVP at IMImobile, discusses the importance of placing the customer at the heart of the business. In the not too distant past, businesses were able to compete on the strength of their products and services alone, but those days are largely behind us. The catalyst for this shift has been led by ‘platform’ […]

Experts reveal procedures for businesses to minimise phishing attacks

Experts, Richard Archdeacon, Advisory CISO, Duo Security, now part of Cisco; and John Ford, VP and CISO of ConnectWise Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, give their opinions on how companies can implement certain business techniques to avoid phishing attacks. Richard Archdeacon: The starting point for the vast majority of cyberattacks is a click on a phishing […]

CIO discusses factors driving global co-location data centre market

Chris Fielding, CIO, Sungard Availability Services, talks about the predicted evolution of the data centre landscape and the benefits of colocation. For many organisations, it’s just not feasible to fund, build and staff a state-of-the-art data centre facility, complete with heating, cooling, power and network connectivity. For one, a data centre needs to be as […]

Redefining security for the real-time enterprise in 2019

Ali Neil, the Director of International Security Solutions at Verizon, discusses the current cyberthreat environment and the re-think strategies CIOs need to undertake to build a successful security blueprint for 2019. Last year was a year of digital acceleration, as new technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and next-gen cloud moved into the realm […]

In a GDPR world, how can companies protect employee data?

Patrick Van der Mijl, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Speakap, discusses potential threats to organisations over non-compliance with GDPR.  On May 25, 2018, the EU GDPR officially came into effect. This data privacy regulation, which has transformed the digital landscape, overhauled how companies collect, store, process and remove data. But according to a recent poll […]

Nearly 50% of C-suite execs launch transformation with no clear strategy

New research released by Celonis has found that despite significant pressure to embark on transformation initiatives that enable greater productivity, improve customer service and reduce costs, most businesses remain unclear on what they should focus on. The results showed that almost half of C-suite executives (45%) admit they do not know where to start when […]

Why CIOs should be discussing the potential of technical debt

Richard Blanford, Managing Director, Fordway, discusses the risks of technical debt and the effect it can have on your business. He talks about the importance of standardising and simplifying IT systems to avoid the detrimental effects of technical debt. We often hear about the problems of financial debt, but in business another type of debt […]

Five signs it’s time to move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity

Paul Anderson, Regional Director UK & Ireland, Fortinet, suggests ways companies can adopt a more proactive approach when it comes to cybersecurity.  If yours is like most companies, over the years it has loaded its cybersecurity closet with a hodgepodge of perimeter defences. You do your best to keep your antivirus and anti-malware systems updated, […]

Enabling Digital Transformation by migrating to cloud-based networks

Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum, discusses one aspect of Digital Transformation which involves telcos automating and updating their networks. He discusses how the company is driving standardisation of NFV and SDN technologies to enable the Digital Transformation of telco networks at a large scale.  In today’s central office architectures, access and edge network […]

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