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Egypt’s Ghabbour Auto fits R&M cabling

Egypt’s Ghabbour Auto fits R&M cabling

Ghabbour Auto, Egypt’s largest publicly traded car assembly and retail company, has successfully deployed a state-of-the-art cabling network, based on the latest solutions from R&M, to deliver high-performance connectivity across an expansive network of three automotive services centres, eight showrooms, a primary data centre and a disaster recovery site.

This large, project ensures that the automotive giant will now have reliable, high-speed connectivity between all these locations enabling it to deploy applications and services that increase operational efficiency and help it better serve its customers.

Ghabbour Auto has been one of the leading automotive assembler and distributor in the Middle East and Africa for the last 65 years. The company offers passenger cars, motorcycles, three-wheelers, buses, trucks, trailers, superstructures, construction equipment and tires, and also provides after-sales service and spare parts for all of these vehicles. Ghabbour Auto represents and partners with some of the world’s leading automotive brands, including Volvo, Mitsubishi, Marcopolo, Iveco Irisbus, Bajaj, Lassa, Yokohama and Westlake and is the sole agent for brands such as Hyundai, Mazda, Geely in Egypt.

The company identifies investing in its core businesses as one of the three core axes of its foundation. “We have been positioning ourselves as a one-stop shop for customers by vertically integrating sales, finance and after-sales support functions under one roof. Executing this strategy requires synergy between each of these teams which, due to our wide regional presence, often means facilitating collaboration across vast distances,” said the IT Team at Ghabbour Auto. Realising this vision required the company to establish a robust network upon which it could deploy the applications necessary for this collaboration and customer service excellence.

The automotive company had previously leveraged R&M’s cabling solutions for its headquarters, three service centres and two administration buildings in cities across Egypt. This meant that Ghabbour Auto was well aware of the value-proposition offered by the vendor which included unmatched product quality backed by a 25 years system warranty, and locally delivered support and expertise.

Due to the extensive scale of the undertaking and the stipulated timeframe, the implementation was simultaneously carried out by three of R&M’s fully-qualified installation partners, with consultancy and support services being provided by R&M’s local representative.

In all, over 4000 Cat6 points were deployed across the various showrooms, service centres, and data centre locations. R&M’s Cat6 Copper cabling solutions were selected for their ability to offer excellent bandwidth and capacity of up to 10GbE while meeting the highest industry standards for quality and performance .

The automotive giant also deployed a fibre optic backbone leveraging the latest cabling specialist’s OM3 and OM4 products. As these OM3 and OM4 fibre cables have been deployed in parallel optical connection and terminated with MPO connectors, they are the perfect fit for delivering 40GbE and even 100GbE performance and will ensure that the network can be easily scaled to meet the company’s future requirements without requiring a rip and replace approach.

The hassle-free completion of the project has meant yet another success for R&M with Ghabbour Auto. The customer has aggressive expansion plans for 2015 and is set to build five new showrooms and service centers this year. R&M has already been awarded the cabling contracts for these new sites along with contracts for cabling of Ghabbour Auto’s international sites in Jordan, Algeria, Iraq and the UAE.