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Equinix to show businesses how to adapt IT operations to the ‘Digital Edge’

Equinix to show businesses how to adapt IT operations to the ‘Digital Edge’

Jeroen Schlosser, Managing Director, Equinix MENA

Global Solution Architects to offer detailed, step-by-step guidance to businesses at 37th GITEX Technology Week on how to move their systems to ‘Digital Edge’

Equinix Inc, the global interconnection and data centre company, will show MENA enterprises how to address technology challenges and accelerate business performance, at GITEX.

While ‘digital transformation’ seems to be the buzzword in the region, enterprises are not always clear about what it truly means for their organisations, their business models, what value it can bring about, and mostly importantly, where they start.

IDC defines digital transformation as the ‘process of creating value, growth and competitive advantage through new digital offerings, new digital business models and new digital business relationships.’

According to Equinix experts, for a successful transformation, companies will need to adopt an interconnection-first architecture that will enable them to de-centralise IT and networking and extend their IT operations to the ‘Digital Edge’ through the interconnection of people, locations, clouds and data.

At GITEX, Equinix’s Global Solutions Architects (GSA) will be available to demonstrate to MENA organisations how restructuring of IT systems will happen.

“Digital disruption is forcing organisations to shift their businesses from a centralised system to a distributed network as today’s centralised and siloed architectures cannot support a digitised, customer-centric model that is needed for driving new business. New applications and services connected to the cloud are difficult to implement with current IT models – these may incur high costs and can be difficult to carry out without a blueprint for success,” said Jeroen Schlosser, Managing Director, Equinix MENA.

“In most cases, companies can increase performance, reduce security risks, decrease capital and operational expenses by placing IT infrastructure where data is being created and consumed, rather than backhauling it to a centralised data centre. This is exactly the direction we see our customers are taking; they are moving their IT infrastructures to the ‘Digital Edge’ to improve customer quality of experience while reducing risk and cost.”

At GITEX, Equinix’s Global Solutions Architects (GSA) will help MENA enterprises evaluate IT, networking and cloud solutions that best match their application workload and business budget.

“Firms on the leading edge of digital transformation know that leveraging Interconnection – direct, private data exchange between businesses – is a key ingredient in their success. Without Interconnection, we believe companies may struggle to gain the scale, agility, security and quality of service they need to successfully conduct digital business. But with the right Interconnection strategy in place, even the boldest business ambitions can be a reality. The platform of GITEX serves as the perfect opportunity for us to show how this can be made achievable,” said Schlosser.

Enterprise organisations in MENA can create new growth opportunities, reduce costs and scale to the digital edge on Platform Equinix. They can harness a global marketplace of over 1,500 networks, over 2,700 cloud/IT providers and over 500 content providers. Equinix’s Dubai data centre is home to over 50 networks and over 30 clouds/IT providers.

Equinix will be available at Booth Hall 6, Stand CLD 27. To book a clinic session with Equinix’s Global Solutions Architects (GSA), visit Equinix.