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Enova leads digital transformation with custom-built hospitality solution

Enova leads digital transformation with custom-built hospitality solution

Enova has created a custom-built analytics system for Sheraton Dubai, Mall of the Emirates Hotel

Enova has created a custom-built analytics system for Sheraton Dubai, Mall of the Emirates Hotel. The solution, especially tailored for the hospitality sector, allows both staff and managers to track key operational KPIs. This allows them to take immediate decisions to optimise performance. Part of the company’s innovative approach has seen it create new smartphone tools and onscreen dashboards leveraging big data to revolutionise energy, water, waste and facilities management.

A smartphone app that relies on big data and harnesses its potential to help businesses boost their environmental performance is among the innovations launched by Enova.

The company, one of the Middle East’s leading energy and facilities management specialists, has created a game-changing digital suite which uses advanced data gathering and analytics to boost operational and financial efficiency.

“We are witnessing a period of rapid disruption that promises to transform the way businesses and governments control the use of water, energy and other precious resources, as well as their management of waste and recycling,” said Anne Le Guennec, Chief Executive Officer at Enova.

“To stay on top of this evolution, we have leveraged the power of mobile applications, big data, and the Internet of Things to optimise processes and drive performance.”

The Enova by Veolia smartphone app gives clients 24-hour access to real-time data on energy and facilities management services through user-friendly features such as automatic status updates and instant task reporting.

A second app, Enova Smart Waste App, or Eswap, enables clients to quickly and efficiently check, track, and manage their waste management procedures. This allows users to log refuse streams received from tenants and sent back out for recycling through barcode scanning.

Data from the Eswap is captured and plotted into the interactive ‘Waste Dashboard’, which presents it in a graphical, user-friendly format. The combination of both tools allows the optimisation of recycling rates produced by a facility, thus improving the client’s environmental footprint and overall performance.

Enova’s digital suite includes a series of customisable dashboards – software that displays real-time information on energy, water, and waste on computer monitors or television screens and thus enables flexible analysis. The presentation of the data in a graphical, user-friendly form helps one visualise key performance indicators and trends at a glance.

The company has custom-built such a system for Sheraton Dubai, Mall of the Emirates Hotel. Tailored to the hospitality sector, yet potentially applicable within many other industries, the programme allows transparent real-time monitoring. Both technical staff and facility managers can use it to track operational KPIs to take immediate decisions to optimise performance and increase the guests’ well-being. Potentially, it could also be used to encourage guests to take active steps towards leading ‘greener’ lifestyles.

Paul Dunphy, General Manager, Sheraton Dubai, Mall of the Emirates Hotel, said: “Enova’s unique offering helps us hit our sustainability targets and save time and money simultaneously. The dashboard is a user-friendly and clear tool tailored to the needs of our operations team. It allows us to deliver the healthiest and most comfortable environment to our guests.

“Enova listened to our needs and came up with a smart and efficient solution. We have found a strong proactive partner in Enova and are looking forward to building on this co-operation in the future.”

Le Guennec explained: “Managers, data analysts and technicians on the ground can share information instantly and, with our 24-hour helpdesk support, devise fast and effective solutions.

“Greater transparency results in a better end-user experience, and these certifications are a testament to Enova’s commitment to providing high-quality, efficient and reliable services.

“The level of feedback and engagement delivered by our latest digital tools is powerfully motivational, fostering the teamwork needed to meet the most stringent of standards. As an early adopter of smart energy and data analysis software, we aim to apply digital best practices across the board and set an example for others to follow.”

To find out more about the solution we spoke to Sebastien Weyer, Cluster Director of Engineering at Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates.

How does the system boost the operational efficiency of your business?

The system enables constant monitoring of energy consumption in the hotel, which allows us to measure our usage and act on this accordingly. In addition to this, the system has an alarm which goes off when we over-consume. This alert mechanism means the engineers do not have to sit and monitor the system 24 hours a day. Instead they can continue with their jobs, confident that the system is monitoring consumption and will alert them if it is excessive.

How does the system boost the financial efficiency of your business?

With the systems daily monitoring we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions which reduces costs.

How does it allow you to control the use of water and energy?

Again, through the constant monitoring we are able to detect any issues quickly. If there is a leak, the alarm will sound straight away, allowing us to fix the problem in a short space of time. If the alarm was not there it might take some time for us to notice the leak, especially if it were in a hidden area of the building.

How does it help you manage waste and recycling?

The system gives us a daily record, so we can see when the associates do or do not recycle. If we see that they are not managing their waste, then we can act accordingly and give them further training.

What are the benefits of using automatic status updates and instant task reporting?

A huge benefit is the savings of manpower. I know that the system is updating, monitoring and reporting, therefore I do not have to send associates to do this manually, meaning that they can concentrate on larger jobs.

How does the system allow you to keep track of KPIs?

The system monitors and reports on KPIs, so on a regular basis myself and the team can analyse such reports to ensure that the hotel KPIs for energy and waste are being met.

How can the information provided by the system be used to improve performance and increase the well-being of guests?

Due to the nature of the system, which provides us with real-time results and an alarm system for faults, it allows us to provide the healthiest and most comfortable environment for our guests. For example, a water leak can be a hard challenge in a hotel with 481 rooms, yet the alarm system allows us to immediately rectify the issue without disrupting the guests.

How does it help with sustainability targets?

The monitoring allows us to identify areas in which waste is highest. We can then act on this accordingly and ensure that we have minimal water and energy wastage.

How successfully does the team meet the needs of the operations team?

The team members are always on hand to assist and we work closely with them to constantly improve our systems.

Why did you choose to implement an Enova system?

Enova is our preferred facility management company and the system made sense for our business needs and goals.