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R&M expands Antimicrobial Cabling Solution range for healthcare

R&M expands Antimicrobial Cabling Solution range for healthcare

An R&MhealthLine installation prevents bacteria and microbes from reproducing on the surface of the protected components

The company has extended its R&MhealthLine product range with new solutions for hygienic cabling in patients’ rooms, operating theatres and labs.

R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, has announced the expansion of its range of R&MhealthLine cabling solutions with the addition of three new antimicrobial data outlets.

R&MhealthLine cabling installations prevent bacteria and microbes from reproducing on the surface of the protected components and the newly unveiled products increase the flexibility of range.

In recent years, the healthcare industry has become increasingly digitised, introducing new demands for high-speed connectivity. This trend is especially apparent in the Middle East and in its What Doctor? report, PwC Middle East stated that the region’s ‘young, digitally-aware population means the Middle East is better positioned to adopt new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and robotics in healthcare, than countries with longer-established health systems.

Since its launch in 2016, hospitals across the globe have begun to utilise R&MhealthLine components in rooms for patients, in diagnosis and therapy, as well as in operating theatres. The antimicrobial cabling is also perfect for use in all institutions and areas in which hygiene is a top priority. This includes nursing homes, washrooms, waiting rooms, catering facilities, laboratories and production facilities for food and pharmaceuticals.

“In such applications, hygienic conditions are a pre-requisite for every component in the facility including the data and communication networks. Unfortunately, conventional cabling technology cannot normally fulfil the stringent hygiene requirements long term,” said Nabil Khalil, Executive Vice President, R&M Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

“With our R&MhealthLine range, we have sought to address this, placing emphasis on innovation to ensure these products don’t only match the renowned quality of our brand, but also meet the very specific needs of such environments.”

Silver ions in the surface of the plastic parts of R&MhealthLine products inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes. This reduces bacterial contamination on the surface of protected components between normal cleaning cycles.

R&MhealthLine thus helps minimise unintentional contamination with bacteria from the product surface when touching cabling components. Alongside the outlets and mounting plates with RJ45 sockets, the R&MhealthLine range also comprises shielded and unshielded patch cords as well as protective caps and coding elements. These are compatible with the modular cabling system R&Mfreenet that covers all areas of structured building cabling.