McAfee Labs Report reveals how cyber-attacks have changed over the last 30 years

A new report from McAfee has revealed how cyber-attacks have changed over the last 30 years. The ‘McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2017’ discloses how malicious techniques have evolved over the last three decades with hundreds of new threats appearing every minute and an increasing number of security incidents coming to the attention of the […]

How software can make your business scheduling more efficient

Specialist software can have an enormous impact on the profitability of your businesses by improving the efficiency of your scheduling operation. To increase responsiveness to your customers it is worth considering moving away from spreadsheets and towards advanced scheduling tools. Here Roch Gauthier, Senior Director, Product Management, AspenTech, writes about the importance of plant scheduling. […]

Four tech hacks to faster customer onboarding

By Rami Bachir, Sales Manager, Middle East at Kodak Alaris, Information Management Division Customer onboarding or client onboarding (CoB), as we call the process of ‘entering’ new customers into the organisation, is an important moment of truth. It’s when you really make the difference and deliver upon the promises for why people became a customer […]

30 Days after WannaCry – what can the financial services sector learn?

By Charles Habak, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton MENA, and Wayne Loveless, Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton MENA WannaCry or Wcry represents the latest version of a growing threat called Ransomware – a tailored piece of malware designed to exploit specific vulnerabilities in the operating systems of its victims’ computers. Malware outbreaks are not […]

Could Fireball malware become the next Mirai?

Article by Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks. This month, researchers uncovered a malware strain believed to have infected more than 250 million computers globally. It is further believed that this malware is present on 20 per cent of corporate networks. Dubbed ‘Fireball’ the massive malware infection originated in China and has caused […]

24.7.365 availability keeps customers loyal

Article by Mohamad Rizk, Manager System Engineers, Middle East at Veeam. The lightning-fast pace of technological innovation is forcing organisations to change the way they operate or risk falling behind. As IT leaders and analysts say, every company is now becoming a software company. We’ve entered a new era of the Always-On Enterprise, where businesses […]

How data can drive efficiency and improvement in the healthcare vertical

David Whitton, General Manager of Kodak Alaris for the Middle East, argues that the revolution in data collection can be the impetus behind identifying health trends, discovering if treatments are effective, and making decisions based on fact: Healthcare providers in the Middle East that leverage data driven from clinical and business analytics are discovering new […]

WannaCry might be the tip of the iceberg says Rick Holland of Digital Shadows

WannaCry might be the tip of the ransomware iceberg writes Rick Holland, Vice President, Strategy, for Digital Shadows: The attack on 200,000 plus computers across more than 120 countries around the world by WannaCry ransomware certainly got the attention of governments, media, consumers and law enforcement. But the actual impact could have been so much […]

The Internet of things: the best is yet to come

A piece by Morten Illum, VP of EMEA, Aruba. The Internet of things (IoT) is a term that’s been bandied about for a long time and we’re finally at a stage where it’s coming more into the forefront, in terms of the technology and consumer adoption. IoT is starting to make a difference to many […]

Virtualisation promises radical transformation to smart networks

Can software really replace cumbersome and often expensive hardware in the network? This is the idea behind network functions virtualisation (NFV), an evolving area of networking in which devices such as routers, firewalls and load balancers are replaced by software-based appliances running as virtual machines on x86 servers. It’s a concept that is quickly gaining […]

Orchestration: making the software-defined, multi-vendor network a reality

Network functions virtualisation (NFV) has the potential to transform the networking industry and help free network managers from the constraints of proprietary hardware. Devices such as routers, firewalls and load balancers could be phased out and replaced by software-based network appliances running as virtual machines on x86 servers. There are tangible benefits to this approach. […]

Networks: The unsung heroes of today’s connected lifestyle

Communication technology continues to evolve at an amazingly accelerated rate. In 1972, with the start of HBO, cable TV began its rapid growth. Later in the decade, the PC era kicked off with the introduction of the Apple II. The cellphone industry broke free in the early 1980s, while the Internet, a mostly educational communication […]

Ransomware: An action plan – by Steven Malone of Mimecast

Steven Malone, Director of Security Product Management at Mimecast, talks us through an action plan to improve your cyber resilience. The global reach and considerable impact of the WannaCrypt (WannaCry/Wcry) ransomware is a wake-up call for organisations and governments around the world. This on-going cyber threat will continue to adapt to take advantage of weaknesses […]

WannaCry attacks qualify as virus disaster many times over

Over a dozen years ago, malware pioneer Dr Peter Tippett coined the expression virus disaster, which describes the point at which more than 25 machines are infected on a single network as the tipping point for complete shutdown of a network. The new ransomware WannaCry, which locks down all files on an infected computer until […]

Help AG releases advisory on WannaCry ransomware threat

On 12th May, a mass ransomware attacked started hitting hospitals, telecom service providers, universities and other institutions worldwide, using the malware WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r 2.0. It is found to be perpetrated by exploiting a known flaw in Microsoft Windows SMB Server, MS17-010. Given the nature of its impact, all organisations should consider this as high risk […]

WannaCry just showed why healthcare is lagging in security

Healthcare is an industry under siege. This statement was true yesterday and was underscored by the massive ransomware attack. Care providers are targeted by cybercriminals with greater frequency than any other organisation. And thanks to old equipment and flagging security standards, these attacks find success far more often than they should. Security is no longer […]

WannaCry and why it has wrecked so many businesses

This week’s attacks leveraging the WannaCry ransomware were the first time we have seen an attack combine worm tactics along with the business model of ransomware. The weaponisation of the EternalBlue exploit made public weeks ago, and unpatched MS-17-010 Windows OS vulnerabilities by the thousands enabled WannaCry to infect hundreds of thousands of computers, across […]

Choosing the right scanner – the first step to digitalisation and efficient document capture

There’s more to the capture step of document imaging than just putting paper through a scanner. Image capture is about making documents as sharp and legible as possible for online viewing, printing and reading by data extraction software. There are multiple factors involved, starting with document preparation, document transport, image processing, quality assurance, indexing etc. […]

Practical advice for securing IoT devices and protecting your network

The first high-profile DDoS attack using IoT devices that got the attention of the mainstream media happened around Christmas 2013 and was used to interrupt the launch of a prominent game. This attack came from the LizardStresser botnet, consisting primarily of webcams and CPE routers. In November 2016, the source code for the Mirai botnet […]

79% in the UAE unconcerned about being targeted while 44% are actual victims of cyberattacks

Kaspersky Lab has updated its Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index, a set of indicators that allow the evaluation of the level of risk for Internet users worldwide. The Index for the second half of 2016 demonstrates a positive trend: the number of people who are concerned about their security, and are ready to protect themselves against cyberthreats, […]