Cybercrime finds a way, the limited impact of AlphaBay and Hansa’s demise

Rick Holland, VP Strategy at Digital Shadows, says: “Our analysis of the broader cybercriminal ecosystem suggests that the impact of the AlphaBay and Hansa closures will be somewhat short-lived.” By Rick Holland, VP Strategy at Digital Shadows The law enforcement operations that took down the AlphaBay and Hansa marketplaces were meant to strike a sizable […]

Digital Guardian: Data classification should drive security strategy

If you haven’t identified what data is sensitive to your business, where it resides and how it’s being used, how can you hope to protect it? Thomas Fischer, Threat Researcher and Global Security Advocate at Digital Guardian, discusses why getting to grips with data should be the first step in any effective security strategy. There […]

Inflobox: Why we should let our walls down when it comes to cybersecurity

By Ashish Gupta, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Infoblox which operates in the Middle East and Africa With digital threats growing more rampant across the world, the idea of building ‘walls’ for cyber defence and protection can seem appealing. But even in this age of hackers relentlessly penetrating our networks, in the […]

Could Dubai be the next Silicon Valley?

Could we see a Silicon Valley-like culture emerge in the Middle East enabled by technology? Luc Serviant, of Orange, a partner in the Dubai Smart City Accelerator programme, certainly thinks so. He argues that Dubai stands to become a model of how businesses (large and small) will thrive in the 21st century. The UAE is […]

Comment: Data lakes define the future of healthcare

By Roberta Katz, Director, Dell EMC Global Solutions, Healthcare – Life-Sciences We are all part of the ‘Information Generation’ a growing community of digital citizens that puts the world’s information at our fingertips. As both patients and consumers of healthcare information, our expectations for preventative care and wellness, diagnosis speed and treatment, and disease management […]

Optimised management helps deliver more reliable container operation

By Andreas Neeb, Chief Architect Financial Services Vertical at Red Hat In just a short space of time, container technologies have carved out a place in enterprises in the development and operation first and foremost of new applications. An important factor in increasing their prevalence is high-performance management, enabling containers to be used efficiently and […]

After the disappearance of Alphabay: What will happen next?

By Rick Holland, VP Strategy at Digital Shadows The AlphaBay dark web marketplace has been inaccessible since July 5. With no substantive explanation from the site’s owners, users have speculated that either an exit scam (where administrators steal user cryptocurrency deposited to the marketplace and shut down the services) or law enforcement action has taken […]

Machine learning – taking your security team to the next level

By Raj Samani, Head of Strategic Intelligence, McAfee LLC Machine learning is all around us, enriching our online lives everyday. We see it with our own eyes when search engines accurately predict what we’re looking for after we type only a few letters. We feel it protecting our bank accounts, evaluating credit card transactions for […]

Death to passwords: identity management in the modern age

By Deepak Narain, Regional Presales Manager – MENA, VMware, one of the world’s leading enablers of digital transformation. Who are you? And can you prove it? These are the two questions your technology asks you every morning. And we now have a variety of ways to answer them: from typing complex, though hopefully memorable, passwords, […]

Securing IoT: know your network, protect your network

Article by Jose Vasco, Regional Director, MEMA at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Do you think about the need to secure IoT? It could be a patient monitor, a security camera or a lighting system; every connection to the network is a potential route for attackers. This is quite a new concept to many, […]

Petya: How to protect your business from the latest global ransomware attack

A new and major ransomeware attack has spread throughout the US and Europe. The ‘Petya’ ransomware has caused serious disruption at large firms with infected computers displaying a message demanding a Bitcoin ransom worth $300. Here’s some expert advice about the best course of action to take to protect your systems: Becky Pinkard, Vice President, […]

CIOs encouraged to challenge their core beliefs – by Graham Waller of Gartner

CIOs should get others to challenge their entrenched beliefs, says Graham Waller of Gartner, and develop a mindset that’s in tune with the changing market realities. It’s 2020. A CIO walks into a meeting and announces the company is going out of business. What happened? Now, imagine if the CIO had asked what could go […]

Four Ways the Internet of Things will transform the supply chain

Four Ways the Internet of Things will transform the supply chain by Tarik Taman, General Manager IMEA, Infor If there’s a ‘quick win’ to be had with the Internet of Things (IoT) it’s in monitoring the performance and maintenance of industrial machines. It was only a couple of years ago when people spoke about the […]

How to be the ‘CIO of Everything’ by building an IoT war room

Manage increased complexity by building an IoT war room, says Jenny Beresford from Gartner. Technologists are, at heart, today’s explorers and inventors, venturing into wild digital frontiers. As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, IT leaders are discovering that it is not an end game but a beginning: The IoT is a launch pad for […]

McAfee Labs Report reveals how cyber-attacks have changed over the last 30 years

A new report from McAfee has revealed how cyber-attacks have changed over the last 30 years. The ‘McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2017’ discloses how malicious techniques have evolved over the last three decades with hundreds of new threats appearing every minute and an increasing number of security incidents coming to the attention of the […]

How software can make your business scheduling more efficient

Specialist software can have an enormous impact on the profitability of your businesses by improving the efficiency of your scheduling operation. To increase responsiveness to your customers it is worth considering moving away from spreadsheets and towards advanced scheduling tools. Here Roch Gauthier, Senior Director, Product Management, AspenTech, writes about the importance of plant scheduling. […]

Four tech hacks to faster customer onboarding

By Rami Bachir, Sales Manager, Middle East at Kodak Alaris, Information Management Division Customer onboarding or client onboarding (CoB), as we call the process of ‘entering’ new customers into the organisation, is an important moment of truth. It’s when you really make the difference and deliver upon the promises for why people became a customer […]

30 Days after WannaCry – what can the financial services sector learn?

By Charles Habak, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton MENA, and Wayne Loveless, Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton MENA WannaCry or Wcry represents the latest version of a growing threat called Ransomware – a tailored piece of malware designed to exploit specific vulnerabilities in the operating systems of its victims’ computers. Malware outbreaks are not […]

Could Fireball malware become the next Mirai?

Article by Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks. This month, researchers uncovered a malware strain believed to have infected more than 250 million computers globally. It is further believed that this malware is present on 20 per cent of corporate networks. Dubbed ‘Fireball’ the massive malware infection originated in China and has caused […]

24.7.365 availability keeps customers loyal

Article by Mohamad Rizk, Manager System Engineers, Middle East at Veeam. The lightning-fast pace of technological innovation is forcing organisations to change the way they operate or risk falling behind. As IT leaders and analysts say, every company is now becoming a software company. We’ve entered a new era of the Always-On Enterprise, where businesses […]