Fortinet expert discusses the rise of destructive botnets

By Kalle Bjorn, Director – Systems Engineering, Fortinet Over the past few years, we have watched the rise of ransomware as it successfully targeted a variety of vertical markets, especially healthcare, education and financial services. And like almost all malware, it has also begun to evolve. For example, the WannaCry ransomware engine has recently been modified to support […]

Zebra Technologies expert: Why is human interaction still needed in automation?

By Jim Hilton, Director Global Manufacturing at Zebra Technologies. Over the past few years the talk of how automation can change industrial operations has become more prevalent. Indeed, the headline-seekers out there might ask: will robots end up taking our jobs and what will happen to the human workforce? Hyperbole aside, the rise of the […]

Lebanon’s open market is ideal for digital transformation

With the ICT market in Lebanon expected to reach US$ 543.5 million by 2019, the country can boast a strong foundation for digital transformation initiatives. Intelligent CIO spoke to Kamal Othman, General Manager, Levant, Dell EMC, to find out how businesses in the country are using technology to transform themselves and their operations. What challenges […]

How hospitality can remain on the cutting edge of customer service

Every hotelier wants their establishment to remain competitive and technology can assist them in gaining an advantage over their competitors. Intelligent CIO spoke to Monzer Tohme, Regional Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Epicor Software, to discover how operators in the hospitality vertical can remain at the cutting edge of customer service. Could you start by shedding […]

Digital transformation to be defined by ‘softening networks’

SD-WAN is creating new possibilities for businesses in the Middle East. With adoption currently following global trends, Luc Serviant, vice president Middle East and Africa, Orange Business Services, believes this can only increase as understanding of SD WAN grows in the region. The global economy is picking up according to the IMF, with some 120 […]

Veeam expert: Five steps to complying with the EU’s GDPR

Now that GDPR has been introduced the journey towards compliance has started and companies are updating their relationship with data protection. Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Middle East and Central Africa at Veeam Software, looks at ways that enterprises can make their approach fit for the future. There are still a vast number of organisations […]

Service providers need the ability to future-proof their networks

Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks, says service providers need to future-proof their networks embracing architectures and solutions that give them the ability to utilise different deployment options. For a service provider to succeed, their technology needs to work for them, not vice versa. And it certainly can’t work against them. Service Providers need choice. […]

Make data the centre of your IT infrastructure strategy

With the rapid growth in data in the last few years, it’s more important than ever to make it the centre of your IT infrastructure strategy, says Christian Putz, Director, Emerging, EMEA, Pure Storage. He explains how given the importance and value of data, it’s time for Middle East organisations to re-think their IT infrastructure from […]

How to have an effective incident response

Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer at BeyondTrust, looks at what companies can have in place so they are fully prepared for any disasters. As a security professional, I have seen a wide variety of best practices for incident response. The methodologies vary greatly based on the sensitivity of the data and requirements to notify law […]

Public cloud adoption: What’s the best strategy?

With the adoption of public cloud on the rise, enterprises are being helped to scale up their operations without the need to invest in new hardware and upgrades. We asked Sachin Bhardwaj, Director Marketing and Business Development, eHosting DataFort, what strategies organisations should have in place when adopting the public cloud. Today, cloud is a […]