Five steps for re-tooling your organisation with machine learning

Allan Leinwand, Chief Technology Officer, ServiceNow, says CIOs in the Middle East are learning lessons from the way they are attempting to implement machine learning. Despite investing in it, he says, most CIOs do not have the talent available, data quality and budgets to fully leverage the technology. He recommends five steps for CIOs to […]

GDPR: Data-protection soul-searching, not just about compliance

With just a couple of months to go, reports and surveys frequently indicate that CIOs and business owners are concerned about and unprepared for GDPR. And the race is on, with a Veritas study indicating that more than half of organisations are yet to start work on meeting the minimum requirements set by GDPR. Tarek Jundi, […]

ADR: Rethinking how we measure the efficiency of security operations

Roland Daccache, Senior Regional Sales Engineer MENA, Fidelis Cybersecurity, says an Automated Detection and Response (ADR) approach offers a different approach to security operations. ADR is based on a purpose-built platform designed to deliver validated conclusions about attacks, intrusions and compromises at any stage of the attack lifecycle while also automating the response capability to […]

Cisco expert predicts continued growth of ransomware

Last year saw cyberattacks such as WannaCry and Netya illustrate how adversaries are becoming more creative in how they architect their attacks. The world of cybersecurity has witnessed changes frequently with security experts trying to gain know-how about what is happening and how they can mitigate it. Scott Manson, Cybersecurity Lead, Middle East and Africa, […]

Mimecast expert: Making data protection a top priority

In recent years huge strides have been made in effective cloud-based Disaster Recovery systems. Intelligent CIO spoke to Nick Saunders, a cyber-resilience expert at Mimecast, to discuss the impact of a disaster and the best way to avoid one. If disaster strikes and a company loses its data, what impact can this have on it? […]

BeyondTrust expert on cyber-security: Why there’s always room for improvement

We asked industry experts what message they would send to business leaders who have no intention of improving cyber-defences. Here’s the response from Morey Haber, VP, Technology at BeyondTrust: The role of any leader in an organisation is to ensure business continuity and limit risk to the organisation, customers, employees and mission. Any disruption to the […]

Commvault expert: Generating value from your data and surviving GDPR

Enterprises around the world are preparing to comply with GDPR, one of the toughest data privacy regulations in the world, when it takes effect on May 25 2018. Businesses need to be aware that GDPR applies to companies worldwide, no matter where they are based, if they handle data concerning European citizens. The definition of […]

A10 Networks makes predictions for cloud computing in 2018

Just a few years ago, not many predicted cloud computing would reach the heights we’ve seen in recent years. A total of 79% of companies now run workloads in the cloud (split almost evenly between public and private clouds). With the cloud bar constantly being raised, Kamal Anand, VP of the A10 Networks Cloud Business […]

McAfee Labs makes five security predictions for the new year

McAfee Inc. has released its McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report, which identifies five key trends to watch in 2018. This year’s report focuses on the evolution of ransomware from traditional to new applications, the cybersecurity implications of serverless apps, the consumer privacy implications of corporations monitoring consumers in their homes, long-term implications of corporations […]

Veeam expert asks what planned downtime could be costing you business

‘Availability’ has a new meaning and it doesn’t include planned downtime. Mohamad Rizk, Manager System Engineers, Middle East at Veeam Software, tells us consumer patience with scheduled downtime is wearing thin and nowadays consumers are more willing to switch providers because of it. One of the rarely spoken about aspects of technology is the level […]