Women reveal: The seven best things about working in tech

Type ‘women in technology’ in the Google search bar and you’ll see things like ‘we have a long way to go’, ‘gender pay gap’ and ‘#MeToo’. This is perhaps unsurprising. Recently, 20,000 Google employees protested over how Google handles cases of sexual misconduct, gender inequality and systemic racism. Leaving many women to voice: ‘We’re done […]

Swapping I for E: a title transition more logical than you’d think

Dalibor Siroky, CEO and Co-Founder at Plutora, advises on the steps to take to progress from a CIO to a CEO. Some career changes could be deemed a stretch too far, but is that the case for moving from CIO to CEO? Though it may come as a surprise, this jump is less of a […]

Compromise assessment: The next step from VAPT

In recent years, an increasing number of cybersecurity professionals have begun to agree that an organisation falling victim to a threat agent is not a matter of if, but when. This has often made the case for a proactive approach to information security a need of the hour for organisations of all sizes. Temitope Bakare, Strategic […]

Future-proofing your business with multi-cloud models

Tristan Liverpool, Systems Engineering Director, F5 Networks, discusses the benefits of operating your system in a multi-cloud environment and embracing the benefits. The world is becoming increasingly security conscious, with applications and technologies being developed faster than ever. Architects need to rethink current cloud strategies, embedding security into application development, and embracing new work practices […]

‘It’s time for CISOs to look beyond the firewall’ – RiskIQ expert

Fabian Libeau, EMEA VP, discusses the changing role of chief information security officers (CISOs) within businesses. The Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO) role is going through a period of transition. The number of security breaches over the last year is unprecedented and growing, clearly demonstrating the need for a re-evaluation of current security thinking. The required […]

ServiceNow expert: How CIOs can foster an agile IT organisation

Chris Bedi, CIO at ServiceNow, says CIOs can build an agile IT organisation that is more attuned to the needs of the business. For example, he suggests CIOs should have their IT teams listen to quarterly earnings calls with analysts to help them understand the strategic goals of the business. Agility is a big deal. […]

‘There’s a faster way to stop active phishing threats’: Cofense expert

Phishing remains a primary concern for businesses and organisations but there are solutions available to ensure CISOs are always one step ahead of attackers. Kamel Tamimi, Principal Security Consultant at Cofense, tells us more. Let’s talk problems. Everybody knows that phishing is a huge problem. Targeting unsuspecting humans, it’s the vector behind data breaches and […]

Dimension Data launches annual ‘Tech Trends’ forecast for 2019

Dimension Data, a US$8 billion global technology integrator and managed services provider, has launched its Tech Trends 2019 report developed by its team of technology experts. It identifies fundamental industry trends that will come to define the business technology landscape in 2019 across customer experience, cybersecurity, digital business, digital infrastructure, digital workplace, technology futures and […]

SAS survey finds analytics makes organisations more innovative

Nearly three-quarters of organisations (72%) claim that analytics help them generate valuable insight and 60% say their analytics resources have made them more innovative, according to research commissioned by SAS, a leader in analytics. That is despite only four in 10 (39%) saying that analytics is core to their business strategy. A third of respondents […]

Maintaining corporate privacy as employees adopt emerging technologies

By Derek Manky – Global Security Strategist, Fortinet Today’s workforce is increasingly comprised of millennials and other tech-savvy individuals that are accustomed to using technology in every aspect of their lives. And as new technology emerges, this group of employees expects a seamless user experience across devices and locations, using personal applications and devices at work […]