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Financial Technology set to transform Financial Services in KSA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) financial sector is likely to encounter significant disruption from new financial technologies in the coming years, but could emerge stronger and more streamlined, according to experts gathering for the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference this May. Financial technology – or “FinTech” – is generating huge opportunities for banks, investors and […]

Employees: The biggest cyber security threat to businesses today?

WinMagic marked its appearance at Cloud Security Expo with the release of a new study analysing the disconnect between end-user employees and IT managers. Two simultaneous studies polled 1,000 employees and 250 IT managers respectively from businesses across UK to discover the importance of IT and data security in the workplace. Rifts in perception versus […]

Ooredoo and Arabsat sign major agreement on satellite communications

Ooredoo and Arab Satellite Communication Organisation (Arabsat) have signed a major strategic partnership agreement that will see the two companies work together to develop new satellite services for customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Ooredoo and Arabsat will review the current satellite projects they have in progress with a view to collaborate on technology […]

CNet launches Competency & Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM) Tool

CNet Training has launched the Competency and Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM) Tool for the data centre sector and has the ability to revolutionise the way data centre managers identify, manage and mitigate people risk. The CCAM Tool provides real-time analysis of both competence and confidence for individuals and teams and exposes root causes of employee behaviour (positive […]

Worldwide IT spending forecast to decline 0.5% in 2016, says Gartner

Worldwide IT spending is forecast to total $3.49 trillion in 2016, a decline of 0.5% over 2015 spending of $3.5 trillion, according to Gartner, Inc (see Table 1). This is down from last quarter’s forecast of 0.5% growth. The change in the forecast is mainly due to currency fluctuations. “There is an undercurrent of economic […]

Whatsap reinforces encryption amidst iPhone security saga

WASHINGTON, April 5 (Reuters) – Facebook on Tuesday announced it had bolstered the default encryption settings for the more than one billion users of its popular WhatsApp messaging service so that all messages will now be accessible only to the sender and recipient. The update arrives amid a heightened international debate over how much access […]

Intel Security IoT Smart Home survey shows concerns about cyber security

A majority of respondents worldwide (54%) indicated they might be willing to share their personal data collected from their smart home with companies in exchange for money, and 70% agree that companies should give coupons and discounts to customers in return for data about device usage, according to a survey of global consumers sponsored by […]

Infoblox DNS Threat Index lifts the lid on new global malicious domains

Infoblox has announced the Infoblox DNS Threat Index, which measures the creation of malicious Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, unexpectedly rebounded to near record levels in the fourth quarter of 2015. Infoblox researchers also found that 92% of newly observed malicious domains in Q4 were hosted in either the US or Germany. After dipping in Q3 […]

EMEA enterprise networking market ‘flat’ in 2015, says IDC

In 2015, vendor revenue on the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) enterprise networking market decreased by a negligible 0.6% year-on-year, according to detailed competitive data reports released by International Data Corporation (IDC). At the same time, performance among the region’s three sub-markets — Ethernet switching, wireless LAN (WLAN), and routing — was markedly different […]

Global smartphone sales to only grow 7% in 2016, says Gartner

Gartner has said global smartphone sales will for the first time exhibit single-digit growth in 2016. Global smartphone sales are estimated to reach 1.5 billion units in 2016, a 7% growth from 2015. The total mobile phone market is forecast to reach 1.9 billion units in 2016. Worldwide combined shipments for devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles […]