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Tari Labs launches online university to train Blockchain developers

Tari Labs launches online university to train Blockchain developers

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Tari Labs has launched a free online university

Tari Labs, a contributor to Tari, the South African-based Blockchain protocol, has launched a free online university to help incubate open source projects and train Blockchain developers.

“Tari Labs University aims to become a go-to destination for easily-accessible learning material for Blockchain, digital currency and digital assets, from beginner to advanced level,” said Cayle Sharrock, Tari Lab’s senior contributor.

“The more Blockchain experts we can help develop, the better it is for the ecosystem.  From the start, Tari Labs has been all about giving talented people the chance to develop their abilities. The Tari Labs University is a natural next step in sharing knowledge and learning from the community in turn.”

Tari Labs was launched by a consortium co-founded by South African Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert Riccardo Spagni, with a specific goal of redefining the way we work with digital assets – like in-game items, digital collectables, concert tickets and loyalty points.

“As with any open source project, we see the learning material as living or ever-evolving,” said Spagni.

“The bigger picture here is to assist in constructing an ecosystem for developers and enable them to leverage the Tari protocol. We’re ultimately part of a network, and the more participants it has, the more successful it will be.”


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