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dormakaba meets Africa’s demand for next-gen access control

dormakaba meets Africa’s demand for next-gen access control

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dormakaba, a leading provider of bleeding edge security and access control technology, has all but closed the door to competition within Africa’s burgeoning commercial access control market.

The company – one of the top three global firms competing for market share – has made its world-renowned Self Boarding Gates (SBG) and Boarding Pass Control (BPC) solutions available in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

Airport and aviation travel is dormakaba’s most active vertical, according to EAC and Project Manager Hannes Nortje.

“dormakaba globally installed more than two thousand SBGs and over one hundred BPC gates, backed by service through 16,000 employees and numerous cooperation partners in over 130 countries ready to assist,” said Nortje.

“Turnstiles and barrier systems is a high growth market on the continent.”

The solutions that offer African businesses everything required for secure access to buildings and rooms, all from a single source.

dormakaba’s SBG system consists of a sensor barrier with automatic swing panels. The unit features an integrated boarding pass reader, an LCD display for passenger instruction and a device for printing seat assignment changes. Industry standard barcodes can be scanned from boarding passes printed by airlines or self-service kiosks, personal printers and smartphones.

The company’s Automated Boarding Pass Control system provides single-file access for passengers with space allowance for carry-on luggage.

Nortje says the systems offer several benefits, including speeding up the boarding process, supports gate agents, informs the passenger of last minute seating changes with a printed acknowledgement, prevents misuse of boarding passes, provides passengers with updated messages, improves passenger flow and provides operators with detailed reporting on passage, tailgating or attempt of passage in the wrong direction.

He added that frequency and security are the most important factors to keep in mind before procuring these systems.

“The lower the frequency, the higher the level of security on product. dormakaba products offer comfort, flexibility, sleek design, and is a well-established brand globally,” said Nortje.

The need for security, the protection of assets and need to optimise operations within customer-facing, high volume environments like airports, is driving the rate of adoption of this technology.

dormakaba says turnstiles effectively manage the flow of people in an internal or external setting and the company’s solutions are built for dependable and long-lasting performance in high volume situations.

“We also have one of the best reporting systems in the world,” said Nortje.

“All units can be combined with the time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems. This results in reliable access without the need for monitoring by personnel. All turnstiles can be customised with a wide range of materials, housings and finishes.”



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