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Blue Prism sets foundation for South African firms to begin AI journey

Blue Prism sets foundation for South African firms to begin AI journey

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Blue Prism, a global leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market, showcased its comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Digital Exchange (DX) at AI Expo Africa, setting in place the foundation for South African businesses to begin their journey into the era of AI. The DX can be likened to an ‘app store’ for AI products.

“Our vision for connected-RPA is about giving the power of creativity to an organization’s people, while maintaining control and connecting innovations together, so individual work adds up to a far more powerful whole,” said Alastair Bathgate, CEO and co-founder at Blue Prism.

“With most South African organisations now at the start of their AI journey, they face a significant challenge in assessing the hundreds of AI technologies available and determining which of them are right for their organisation. At some point, they will need to ‘plumb’ the technology into the organisation’s systems – even to run a POC – but the IT department does not always have the bandwidth or resources to test or implement the myriad solutions on the market.”

To solve these problems, Blue Prism has created the Digital Exchange – an ecosystem of key AI companies, large and small, that offer new and disruptive AI technology. Blue Prism partners with AI stakeholders to undertake all integration work and make their technology available via the Digital Exchange. The DX takes the burden of integration away from IT, providing all the information they need to know.

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