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The rise of mobile communication in Africa

The rise of mobile communication in Africa

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The UP Mobile App that serves as a mobile, cloud-based, localised place where students, staff and alumni can access all necessary and relevant information, has been launched at the University of Pretoria.

According to Dr Wimpie Beeken, Information Technology Services Capability Development Management at the University of Pretoria, the Modo Campus Modo Labs platform allows for the UP App to be tailored with ease.

With Eiffel Corp’s support, this ensures that the UP Mobile App services the students’ specific needs without needing advanced technical skills, such as coding. The platform, which was founded by a team from MIT, is globally recognised and celebrated.

Dr Beeken expressed excitement about the University of Pretoria being the first public university to utilise this technology and expressed joy in the fact that the platform allows the UP Mobile App to shift and change as required.

“The UP Mobile App has a specific focus; to enrich the students’ lives, both on and off campus,” he said.

“It also has the ability to morph into something new, answering the question ‘what are the other benefits that we can bring to a user?’ We have to change as we go through years and seasons. with Modo Labs we have the opportunity to do that.”

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