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The changing face of technical education

The changing face of technical education

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CNet Training is serious about technical education for the data centre and network infrastructure sectors and dedicated to offering a variety of methods of learning to customers around the world. These delivery methods are giving organisations more options and providing solutions for individuals/organisations who can’t travel or spend long periods out of their work environment.

CNet’s CEO, Andrew Stevens, discusses the variety of delivery methods CNet offers to teach technical education across the globe and why it’s never been easier for organisations to develop their teams.

Organisations can now consider the workload of their teams and assess which programme and delivery method would be best suited to them depending on their preferred learning style and work commitments. 

For the learners who are constantly on the road travelling or in a mission-critical role where they cannot commit to a specific date to attend a classroom or remote attendance programme, distance learning options would be an option that allows the learner to study the learning resources on any day and time zone that best suits them. This allows the learner to thoroughly plan their own study schedule and learn at their own pace.

Others may prefer the collaborative and networking team-based learning that comes from on-site learning where the instructor teaches on-site at an organisation with a class specifically created for that one organisation. 

Place-based classroom 

This refers to attending an actual classroom of a programme delivered by an instructor with many other learners in the same room. Some argue that being away from the workplace allows more creativity and free-flowing thinking, others prefer to learn in their workplace where they can bounce ideas around with colleagues as they learn, which can further help enrich the learning experience. With place-based classroom learning there is the added benefit of not knowing who else will attend. This can add a further dimension to the learning as you can share ideas and experiences from others in the sector within similar roles. 

CNet has scheduled classroom-based programmes across the world, many have remote attendance capability too. See the full list of programme dates here.

On-site programmes

Here, the professional instructor delivers the educational programme to multiple people from the same organisation at their place of work, at the same time. This is the ultimate convenience for the learners and ideal if they can escape the distractions of their day-to-day work while at their workplace. It also encourages team discussion and teamwork as colleagues can learn and innovate together.

Read full details of CNet’s on-site programme opportunities here.

Remote attendance

There are various forms of remote attendance learning available. Some provide details to join an online meeting that allows you to see and hear an instructor or teacher. Others are more sophisticated and allow you to join a place-based classroom with other learners sitting in the actual room. CNet’s remote attendance capability is different from others. It really does share the same classroom experience live with learners wherever they are in the world. Using the latest collaboration-enabled facilities, CNet provides those wishing to attend a programme remotely with access to specially designed smart rooms. In real-time, remote attendees benefit from the same instructor-led classroom environment, with the same levels of interaction, collaboration and instructor contact as those who are physically present in the room. Remote attendees effectively sit in the same classroom as all other learners and can therefore see, hear and enjoy the same learning experience. Additionally, remote attendees can often take part in group activities via a virtual break out room, combining those in the classroom with the remote attendees. 

Read full details of CNet’s remote attendance capability here.

View all CNet’s remote attendance programme dates here.

Distance learning 

The ultimate flexible learning where the material is accessed online, allowing the learning to be undertaken asynchronously – when and where it is convenient. This approach does take focus and motivation as it is all too easy to push the flexible element too far and procrastinate. Secrets to success with distance learning include ensuring you dedicate time by creating a routine and adhering to it, having a quiet place to learn without the distractions of family or work life and using your dedicated online tutor support when available. This is a fantastic delivery method for individuals that cannot commit to specific classroom or remote attendance time programme due to their work commitments.

This way of learning allows the individual to manage their own learning schedule to fit around their work/life commitments. CNet’s Data Centre Fundamentals programme is perfect for individuals who are new to the industry (technicians with limited experience or exposure to data centre facilities) or for those who sell products and services to the data centre industry or who sell data centre services. This distance learning programme has been designed to help demystify the complex world of data centres. It provides an overview of what data centres are, what they do and why we need them. The Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM), programme is designed to enable students to ensure good project management that will, in turn, help the result of the project improve its performance.

See CNet’s distance learning programmes here.

Blended learning

An approach to education that combines online pre-class study with place-based classroom learning. This could involve the support of an online tutor during the pre-class study in readiness for attending classroom sessions. Blended learning is ideal for those who do not fully enjoy distance learning as it provides motivation and a deadline to complete the online study and the ability to discuss new learning with others and the instructor during the classroom sessions.  

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