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Netshield South Africa develops range of IoT solutions

Netshield South Africa develops range of IoT solutions

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Netshield has developed a cohesive range of IoT solutions that traverse both hardware and software

Netshield South Africa has developed a cohesive range of IoT solutions that traverse both hardware and software. It creates the glue that brings IoT together and provides customers with the insights from their implementations that they crave.

Within its expanding IoT portfolio, Netshield develops and maintains three core solutions, firstly a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) agnostic IoT and IIoT Cloud Platform that includes device management.

Secondly, it provides customers with a range of device managed intelligent point of presence IoT sensor convergence gateways (iPoP-Gateways). And lastly, its range of home-grown sensors and its integration of third-party sensors for holistic sensors is ideal for data collection.

“In 2019, IDC reported that Africa’s spend on IoT technologies was set to top US$1.9 billion (R28 billion) by the end of the year, a clear indication that its use is becoming pervasive across industry,” said Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa.

“But are users getting the most from their implementations? In our experience, this isn’t always the case. The challenge exists with ensuring interoperability between sensors, internal systems and cloud environments.

“We have developed a full IoT range that traces through the full-service delivery. You can’t just drop in sensors and have an IoT environment. You need gateways, management platforms and analytics to bring together a full picture of the situation.”

The Netshield solutions include a range of locally developed hardware and software, as well as third-party solutions. They adhere to global IoT standards and are vendor and system agnostic, ensuring a customer can integrate them into their environment with no disruption to the business.

Notably, the Netshield IoT Cloud Platform includes IoT device management and is updated continuously to ensure it seamlessly integrates with all CSP providers. The platform is developed on Docker containers and Kubernetes and allows for seamless migration between various CSPs and on-premise ‘cloud’ installation environments.

Netshield’s intelligent Point of Presence IoT Sensor Convergence Gateways include Intelligent GSM, wireless and wired ethernet IoT/cloud convergence iPoP-gateways. They support user-definable multi-level triggered and scalable reporting intervals and will track and monitor event instances sent by multiple sensors across a host of applications, including but not limited to power, temperature, humidity, flooding, door access, energy metering of cabinet consumption and seismic activity or vibrations. As there is an expansive range of iPoP-gateways supported by Netshield, clients can select the gateway best suited to its needs.

“We support our customers through research, development and system on-boarding,” added Dreckmeyr.

“Our knowledge of IoT is not just limited to one aspect (such as sensors) but embraces an overall view of a customer’s requirements. Working with some of Africa’s largest mining, engineering and manufacturing companies has given us an intimate understanding of how IoT should work and how to get the best out of your IoT implementations. We bring this knowledge into every solution we design, build and sell.”

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