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Fortinet disrupts the network firewall marketplace with unprecedented scale

Fortinet disrupts the network firewall marketplace with unprecedented scale

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Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, has announced another milestone in its ability to deliver the industry’s highest performance. Powered by NP7, the seventh generation of Fortinet’s custom-built network processor, FortiGate 4200F, is specifically engineered to deliver the scalability and performance required for the networks of today and tomorrow.

John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO at Fortinet, said: “In recent weeks, the lack of performance and scalability of integrated firewall and VPN solutions has challenged organisations when scaling their secure remote access initiatives. Organisations deploying traditional firewalls cannot scale across multiple applications and have been forced to upgrade or even install completely separate appliances. With 10 times the performance at the same price, the FortiGate 4200F powered by our seventh generation Network Processor (NP7) sets a new paradigm in network security performance. Our ability to deliver the highest performing firewalls on the market means customers can either scale far beyond their expectations at the same price point of competitors or spend less to get the performance they need. Either way, our customers win.”

Organisations need to be able to expand and adapt their network security to changing business conditions at a moment’s notice. Whether an organisation is retooling their network to suddenly support a remote workforce or embracing digital innovation, performance and scalability are key. Unfortunately, most security solutions are simply unable to provide speed and scale at a price that most companies can afford. That’s because security vendors simply have not invested in the technology required to cost-effectively meet the demands of today’s digital workplace. This has forced organisations to purchase security solutions with minimal performance and scalability headroom. As a result, when a critical event occurs or the market requires digital innovation, firewalls become a bottleneck rather than an enabler.

To deliver security that keeps pace with the scale and performance demands of the new realities of today’s data centres, Fortinet is introducing the FortiGate 4200F, the newest addition to its portfolio of high-end network firewalls. As an integral part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiGate 4200F has been specifically engineered to enable an innovative, security-driven networking approach that seamlessly integrates networking with security.

FortiGate 4200F: Delivering business outcomes 

FortiGate 4200F, powered by Fortinet’s seventh generation processor (NP7), radically increases the speed, scale and performance for large enterprise data centres. The 4200F delivers the highest performance and scale to securely drive digital innovation and meet the huge capacity and performance demands of critical business operations across a wide variety of verticals and large enterprises including financial services, healthcare, education, advanced research and high-velocity e-commerce. The following are a few examples of FortiGate 4200F use cases: financial services organisations building massively scalable remote access; large manufacturing and energy companies managing internal security risks; high-velocity e-retail and e-commerce providers handling event-based connection bursts; advanced pharmaceutical research, oil and gas and government organisations that require support for elephant flows; cloud providers and large enterprises that must segment massively scalable virtual networks.

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