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Computer chip shortages are driving demand for refurbished devices in Africa

Computer chip shortages are driving demand for refurbished devices in Africa

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Computer chips and semi-conductors constitute the brain within every electronic device. New devices cannot be produced due to the global shortage which is affecting some of the world’s biggest manufacturers and which has been reported this year, to have reached a crisis point.

According to Kwirirai Rukowo, General Manager, Qrent, the chip shortage has affected the production of new laptops, desktops and tablets. “Currently, companies have been waiting for very long lead times for new stock to arrive and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) locally and globally cannot meet the demand. Qrent – part of the InnoVent group of companies, is bridging this gap through its stock of refurbished devices thereby enabling Business Continuity,” said Rukowo.

He said there are significant costs savings to be had by using certified refurbished computers in the circular economy, which is an alternative to a traditional linear economy model (make, use, and dispose) in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible, maximum value is extracted from them while in use, then materials are recovered and products are regenerated at the end of each life. “Africa has been using circular economic principles for generations. As new business models and technologies emerge, opportunities can be harvested by a variety of commercial sectors.”

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