Online Volunteers build digital United Nations Development Programme, UNDP tool

Online Volunteers build digital United Nations Development Programme, UNDP tool

The platform took six months to develop and premiered at the first-ever YouthConnekt Sahel Forum in 2021

Online Volunteers are among the architects behind the UNDP Event Manager. The platform initiated by the UNDP Regional Hub for West and Central Africa transforms the way events are planned and organized.

The UNDP Event Manager is a prime example of forward-thinking. It aims to make planning and holding events easier for UNDP through an accessible database of information, tools, and knowledge. There is increased and effective communication between participants and organizers, a reduction in costs, and more opportunities for networking. 

The platform took six months to develop and premiered at the first-ever YouthConnekt Sahel Forum in 2021. More than 653 young people connected before, during, and after the forum. Since then further improvements have been made to the platform.

Sixteen Online Volunteers created the UNDP Event Manager. Youssouf Nchetkou from Cameroon, Adama Ko from Burkina Faso, and Guy Medar Malou from Senegal were among them.

These individuals came from different backgrounds and brought with them unique abilities. Together they formed a team and created a truly incredible knowledge-sharing platform.

Youssouf Ndam, a UI, UX designer, built an agile and user-friendly mobile application that met the design requirements while incorporating both functional and non-functional needs.

“The application simplifies time-consuming processes for users, making it easier for them to accomplish their tasks,” says Youssouf.

The UNDP Event Manager promotes environmental sustainability and optimizes the knowledge acquired from previous events. 

Adama Ko, a mobile and web application developer and DevOps cloud engineer, believes in collaborative knowledge sharing.

“I value working with people from different countries as an educational and rewarding experience that encourages innovative problem-solving skills,” says Adama.

By the end of 2022, all UNDP-organized events and stabilization programmes were to use the Event Manager saving UNDP a total of US$ $50,000. 

“Some may think that the ultimate goal of online volunteers is to work for the UN, but that’s not the case. Many do it to show that Africans can also find solutions to global challenges when there is collective spirit. The online volunteers inspire faith in our potential and youth, and motivate me to do more.” — Berenger Nana, former UNDP Knowledge Management Specialist.

In 2022, a total of 1467 Online Volunteers served in West and Central Africa. The UNDP Event Manager demonstrates the profound impact of online volunteering for sustainable development.

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