India based Offee with IoT Exam and Learning solutions participating at GITEX Africa - Intelligent CIO Africa
India based Offee with IoT Exam and Learning solutions participating at GITEX Africa

India based Offee with IoT Exam and Learning solutions participating at GITEX Africa

Offee, a EdTech company, is ready to impress the world at GITEX Africa, with its IoT Exam and Learning Platforms. These innovative solutions have the potential to transform the education landscape in Africa, making exams more secure and efficient while delivering an immersive learning experience.

The IoT Exam Platform, an innovation by Offee, allows educational institutions to conduct digital exams offline on students’ devices, eliminating the need for expensive computer labs and internet connectivity. This game-changing approach simplifies the examination process, reduces administrative costs, and ensures a secure environment with advanced cheating prevention measures.

Offee’s IoT Device-Based Learning Platform takes learning to new heights. Using IoT technology, it enables educational institutions to deliver engaging, personalised content directly to students’ devices. This cutting-edge platform fosters seamless communication and connectivity among students, educators, and educational content, redefining the future of learning.

Having already conducted over 30 lakh exams and implemented in 100+ educational institutions and 90+ schools, Offee’s solutions have gained significant attention and recognition in the EdTech industry.

Offee’s participation in GITEX Africa 2023 aims to build partnerships, attract investors, and reach customers across the African continent. With the potential to revolutionise the education sector in Africa, Offee’s solutions are an opportunity that governments, educational institutions, and journalists cannot afford to miss.

Offee is a EdTech company focused on developing innovative solutions that empower educational institutions to harness the power of technology and provide exceptional learning experiences for students. Offee’s ground-breaking IoT Exam Platform and IoT Device-Based Learning Platform are revolutionising the way exams are conducted and learning is delivered.

Institutions using Offee’s solutions have experienced a 75% reduction in educators’ time, a 62% decrease in examination costs, and an impressive 78% increase in process efficiency, all while delivering a digital yet offline experience. “We are excited to bring Offee’s ground-breaking IoT Exam and Learning Platforms to Africa’s education sector,” said Founder of Offee, Amit Shah. “We look forward to participating in GITEX Africa 2023 and showcasing our innovative solutions, which have the potential to reshape the education landscape in Africa and make a lasting impact on students’ lives.”

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