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Healthcare amongst most vulnerable to security threats

The healthcare industry, arguably one of the most technologically advanced considering the gadgets and devices now used to monitor health statistics and perform medical procedures, is ironically among most unhealthy when it comes to network security. Medical records are now being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. Data from the US showed that 89% of healthcare institutions suffered […]

Mobile workplace here to stay for young Nigerians

We are all familiar with the stereotype of the young entrepreneur; technology whizz kids with all the latest mobile devices and the ability to multitask as they type hundreds of words a minute. Sage’s Walk With Me report, which examines the key characteristics, attitudes and behaviours of young entrepreneurs around the world, confirms that there […]

Getting emergency services to read mobile data

A close relative of mine is over 90 years old. About a year ago, in the middle of night, he suddenly fell straight to the floor. There he remained completely unresponsive. Scared and rattled, his wife dialed 911 from the home landline, and proceeded to answer a litany of questions from the emergency operator: Is he […]

Where fibre ends, wireless begins

In the world of broadband, there is little doubt that the advent of fibre will bring faster, more reliable connections than the traditional copper infrastructure ever could. What we sometimes forget, however, is that even fibre has its limits. For a fibre cable to work, you can do one of two things: hang it from […]

What about those who are not yet online

One may quibble whether the emerging technological breakthroughs constitute a further step of the third industrial revolution, that is the digital economy, or whether the increased scope and speed that characterise them mark an additional revolution. What is certain is that moving into the era of big data and the Internet of Things has the potential […]

Connected mobile phones driving ecommerce in Kenya

Kenya’s electronic commerce market is primed for major growth in the next five years as mobile internet performance continues to improve, a proposed national addressing system comes into existence, and people become more comfortable with digital transactions. That’s according to Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi, Divisional Director for Sage East and West Africa, who says that Kenya’s […]

Sage survey indicates five millennial personas

Young entrepreneurs are driven by a desire for independence, a belief in social good and a commitment to employee happiness. That’s according to Sage’s Walk With Me report which examines the key characteristics, attitudes and behaviours of millennial entrepreneurs around the world. Despite sweeping generalisations about how this generation behaves, the study shows that these business leaders […]

Managing broadband across Africa

“Digital disruption is happening all around us and every company, every country, every citizen, every wearable, and every home is becoming digital and broadband is a huge part of this evolution. Perhaps the most significant change of the next decade will be the dramatic increase in worldwide connectivity via the internet.” “The online community is […]

Transforming Africa with digital connectivity

Africa is a diverse continent not only in its physical landscape, but also its political, economic, social, technological and environmental outlook, with each country and region having its own set of unique challenges and advantages. Neighbouring African countries can be at completely different stages of their technological adoption, economic growth or political stability. It has […]

Sustainability and role of corporate in Africa

Prepared to follow on from the Millennium Development Goals, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were unveiled with the aim of taking steps towards building a better world in the next 15 years. This is no easy target. The UN has spent significant time analysing the successes and failings of the Millennium Development Goals in order […]

Four pointers for start-up business

Many business owners are not equipped to survive years of hard work and reach overall success. Lack of finance is one of the biggest reasons for this. For many small and medium business owners, managing finances is one of the most challenging tasks. Poor accounting practices leave business owners in the dark as to their […]

Time to revisit your security approach

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete, commented Buckminster Fuller some decades ago. But they still ring true in present times, especially when it comes to the progression and innovation in technology. To be as effective as possible, security threat […]

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