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Embracing the changing network landscape with SDN

From less than half a billion dollars in 2013 to an expected US$14 billion by 2021, the global market for Software-defined Networking (SDN) is currently one of the fastest-growing in the ICT sector. But unlike more appealing technology such as Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, Ian Jansen van Rensburg, Senior Systems Engineer at VMware, says […]

‘Smart, centralised insights shape a modern global supply chain’

Gerhard Dinhof, Blockchain Lead at IBM South Africa, looks at how companies can embrace Blockchain technology and how it can enhance customer satisfaction. The modern global supply chain can be the source of endless insight into the production, sourcing, procurement, purchasing, inventory and delivery of goods and services. But data must flow smoothly between B2B […]

Cisco expert on securing passwords and evaporating the cloud dream

Recent research shows that some of the traditional threats and concerns such as denial of service and Cloud Service Providers data loss have over the last few years been addressed by industry and were now rated so low they have been excluded from the top ten threats to your cloud dream. Corien Vermaak, Cyber Security […]

Why biometric technology will be Key to Digital Transformation for South Africa Banks

As South Africa’s banking sector embarks upon Digital Transformation and the shift to branchless banking, cybersecurity and fraud prevention will have to be top of the mind. By Lance Fanaroff, Director at iiDENTIFii, says that, while the race to provide quick and efficient mobile banking solutions is driving innovation, it also creates new opportunities for […]

Oracle SA expert asks: What is in it for organisations to go autonomous?

It is a challenging time to be a CIO. Not just tasked with keeping the technology backbone functioning, they now must help their organisation make sense of mountains of data and become more agile so as to support a digital strategy. Niral Patel, MD Oracle SA, therefore asks, what is in it for organisations if […]

SANParks CIO Kamal Pillay on connectivity challenges

Being responsible for South Africa’s 19 national parks takes a lot of hard work, especially because there are severe connectivity problems in the country. Kamal Pillay, Chief Information and Technology Officer of SANParks, tells Intelligent CIO how is looking to overcome this. Could you provide some background details about your current position at SANParks and […]

Next-gen Wi-Fi for smarter buildings and cities

Following the white paper released by the World Broadband Alliance (WBA) that  provides deployment guidelines for a number of possible scenarios utilising Wi-Fi 6 technology, Jacques Visser, Head of Wireless at Vox, says South African companies should familiarise themselves with it, and the ways in which they can use it to enhance their business operations. […]

Experts discuss what is fuelling the adoption of cloud-first strategies in South Africa

Sebastiaan Rothman, Senior Consultant Applications and Infrastructure at Altron Karabina Cloud computing is taking off in South Africa in a big way, and as organisations recognise and leverage the services available to benefit how they conduct business, more and more are aligning with cloud first strategies. Up to now, there have been two very big […]

Skills development crucial to economic success

Despite having a youth unemployment rate of more than 50% South Africa has a skills shortage in many areas of commerce, one of which is in technology. Therefore, Michael Shapiro, CEO at Synthesis, explains why skills development is crucial to economic success. What exacerbates the problem is that South African banks have understood the need […]

Celebrating Africa’s digital potential on UN Youth Day

Many things have been said about the future of Africa and its potential, with it being called ‘the Opportunity Continent’, ‘the Next Frontier’ and ‘Africa Rising’. Ime Archibong, Vice President, Product Partnerships at Facebook, says the excitement comes with how Africa can, and will, one day lead in the digital economy. Africa’s young population could […]

Understanding what makes software enterprise-ready

Enterprises require solutions that meet their unique requirements. Irrespective of whether it is enterprise application software (EAS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS), Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies, says that an enterprise-focused approach is fundamental to business success in the digital world. Contrary to software for small to medium businesses, EAS is used to satisfy the […]

Changing the banking industry’s landscape in the digital era

The face of the banking industry worldwide has undergone and is still undergoing a dramatic transformation as a result of the disruptive effects of mind-blowing digital advancements that have dominated the 21st century. Shady Aziz, A2P Manager, ArpuPlus, says Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of these major disruptive and impactful technologies with a powerful, game-changing […]

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