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Reskilling: The new approach to global skills crisis

Ntombi Mphokane, e4’s HR and Transformation Executive, tells Intelligent CIO that while business is under pressure to evolve, people need to be nurtured, developed and grown accordingly. If the World Economic Forum (WEF) is to be believed, then business across the globe could be facing a reskilling emergency. According to them by 2022, 42% of […]

Risk and trust – The role of threat hunting in business

Threat hunting is the acknowledgement that no system can be considered 100% secure. Matt Gangwer, Senior Director, Managed Threat Response, Sophos, and Greg Iddon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Managed Threat Response, Sophos, offer their advice on how to approach threat hunting for your business. Whether it is written down or not, every business has the […]

The Domain Game: How email attackers are buying their way into inboxes

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current climate, targeting remote workers via email in a bid to obtain the ‘keys to the kingdom’. Dan Fein, Director of Email Security Products, Darktrace, tells us why organisations must take a new approach to email security to tilt the scales in favour of the defenders. It is by […]

ServiceNow expert on why CIOs should look to implement smarter workflows

The way we work has changed – possibly forever – so it’s important that CIOs reassess their businesses roadmaps, placing digital at the heart. Mark Ackerman, Senior Director – Middle East and Africa, ServiceNow, tells Intelligent CIO’s Jess Phillips why it’s crucial that businesses implement smart workflows in order to ensure they are future-proof. What […]

The five business imperatives of 5G

Business leaders must operate with business imperatives in mind and one of these should be taking a structured and considered approach to 5G. James Bristow, SVP EMEA, Cradlepoint, discusses the benefits of 5G adoption and how it can serve to minimise disruption caused to operations during such uncertain times. The current crisis has undoubtedly had […]

Experts discuss why multi-cloud adoption is becoming so successful across the EMEA region

Research from F5 Networks revealed earlier this year that the EMEA region leads the way for multi-cloud adoption, although security and skill gap challenges remain. According to the sixth annual State of Application Services (SOAS) report, 88% of surveyed EMEA organisations were leveraging multi-cloud environments, compared to 87% in the Americas and 86% in the APCJ region. […]

Is the growth of cybersecurity insurance behind the recent resurgence in ransomware?

Unfortunately for business leaders, ransomware is an ever-growing security issue. Jan van Vliet, VP EMEA, Digital Guardian, considers whether an intended solution to cybercrime has inadvertently contributed to a large part of the ransomware problem. Ransomware has been an ever-present threat to businesses of all shapes and sizes for almost two decades. While it was […]

Airport security achieved through surveillance solutions

Airport security has always been a number one priority and the COVID-19 pandemic creates a greater need to ensure passenger safety. Firas Jadalla, Regional Director for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) at Genetec, explains how airports can increase security through surveillance solutions. Keeping passengers safe has always been an airport’s number one priority […]

The age of the ethical cloud is green – and for everyone

Sustainable data centre operations are becoming more of a priority in the data centre sector, and rightly so. Matthew Underhill, Head of Infrastructure at Alfred H Knight, takes a closer look at how some of the largest data centre leaders are ensuring they operate sustainably and how others can follow suit. These strange times have […]

Expert provides insight into CNet Training’s Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework

Andrew Stevens, CEO at CNet Training, discusses The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework and the importance of creating educational programs that support real career progression. Being the largest and longest-running training and education provider in the world dedicated to the digital infrastructure industry (comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors) brings with it a […]

Balancing act: Optimising customer engagement while increasing fraud prevention

Every industry must make it a priority to mitigate against fraud, but particularly the banking and finance sector. Mzukisi Rusi, Head of Technology Delivery, Entersekt, tells us why businesses within this sector must build trust and loyalty with their customers in order to remain competitive and to allow the banks to prevent fraud in a […]

The real cost of fighting the insider threat

Detecting an insider threat can prove one of the biggest challenges within the cybersecurity realm. Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategy, International at Proofpoint, explores the impact of an insider threat across an organisation and how to avoid being left with a hefty bill. Insider threats are on the rise: up 47% year-on-year, in fact. And organisations […]

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