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When remote work doesn’t work — and how to make sure it does

In today’s modern age, it is easier than ever to give employees what they want: flexibility. Donna Kimmel, CHRO, Citrix, discusses the simple technologies that help employees become more engaged and productive, ultimately creating a better working experience. It can be tempting to think that workplace innovation is a one-size-fits-all proposition. That at any given […]

Experts discuss the benefits of moving public apps to an on-premise environment

The global findings of Nutanix’s second global Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey and research report found that 84% of respondents in South Africa (compared to 73% globally and 71% across EMEA) are either moving public apps back to on-premise environments or planning to do so. Industry experts discuss these results in more detail. Ian Jansen […]

What will the future hold for security when everything is constantly changing?

In order to keep up with the rate at which technology is evolving, CISOs and their security teams must be mindful of the areas of change. Marco Rottigni, Chief Technical Security Officer EMEA, Qualys, offers seven predictions where he thinks security will develop most this year. Hacks still happen, software vulnerabilities get discovered and patches […]

Customer engagement done differently in 2020

Due to the amount of new technologies that is now available on the market, it is imperative that organisations keep up-to-speed to ensure that the customer has the right experience. Mo Areff, Business Unit Lead for Customer Engagement at Altron Karabina, tells us how customer engagement can be done differently this year. Despite all the […]

Six critical attack vectors to watch out for in your data centre

Data centres can be considered a silver-bullet to a successful hack if an attacker gets their hands on the data they contain. Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director, Vectra, highlights the most critical attack vectors that sophisticated attackers tend to use against data centres. Data centres and the wealth of information they contain, represent a tantalising prize […]

Mastering the complexity of multi-cloud in 2020

As enterprises’ demands look set to continue maturing this year, they are better able to distinguish between cloud platforms and identify which ones work best for their applications. “It’s no longer about moving to cloud, it’s about which cloud,” said Andrew Cruise, Managing Director at Routed, Africa’s only vendor neutral cloud infrastructure provider. “Now that […]

Four important steps for delivering an Industry 4.0 factory and supply chain

Baljeet Nagi, ECEMEA SCM Strategy Leader at Oracle, provides four important steps for delivering an Industry 4.0 factory and supply chain. Also referred to as the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 is synonymous with smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is expected to drive […]

How should businesses and organisations protect against insider threats?

Protecting against insider threats is something all businesses have to manage and is an ongoing process. Shareth Ben, Insider Threat SME at Securonix, discusses a best practice approach for detecting and protecting against insider threats, as well as bringing awareness to the different types. One of the biggest threats organisations currently face is from those […]

Get to Know: Simbo Ntshinka, Managing Director and Partner at Itec Tiyende

Find out what makes Simbo Ntshinka, Managing Director at Itec Tiyende, tick in this ‘Get to Know’ feature. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? Managing the successful joint venture of Itec and Tiyende Telecommunications, positioning the business in the telecommunications space and the broader ICT sector in South Africa. I had some […]

‘Choice, mobility and convenience drives customer experience’

Elingo research has shown that, while the type of industry will greatly influence customer experience (CX), ultimately it is a matter of choice and first contact resolution. This is one of the key takeaways from research The Genesys State of Customer Experience that was conducted and released by Genesys. The research reveals how consumers prefer […]

Expert predicts technological evolution for 2020

Paul Farrington, EMEA CTO at Veracode, offers his predictions in terms of how he expects technology to evolve throughout the year and discusses how various technologies will be utilised within the business environment for innovation. We should expect elections to be compromised   When it comes to election hacking, we’re in a time where we need […]

It takes more than just one skill to pay those bills

Creating a diverse cybersecurity workforce is challenging to say the least as the cyberskills gap is still so prominent within the industry. Bridget Kenyon, Global CISO, Thales, suggests how business leaders should consider a wider pool of potential employees in an attempt to plug the gap and create a more varied cybersecurity culture. 2019 was […]

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