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Are you prepared to be cyber resilient?

Are you prepared to be cyber resilient in the digital age? No longer is it good enough to be aware of cybersecurity. Today, it is all about embracing an all-encompassing approach that includes cybersecurity, disaster recovery and business continuity management. The core principle behind the Syrex approach is adopting a layered way of managing cybersecurity. […]

C-suite beware: You are the latest targets of cybercrime, warns Verizon report

C-level executives who have access to a company’s most sensitive information are now the major focus for social engineering attacks, alerts the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. Senior executives are 12 times more likely to be the target of social incidents and nine times more likely to be the target of social breaches than […]

Altron Karabina expert on the having an effective BCDR strategy

Corne du Preez, Technology Solutions Professional: Apps and Infra, Altron Karabina, looks at how organisations can implement an effective BCDR strategy. When speaking to customers, I always ask what their BCDR strategies are. Sometimes I get good information from customers around their understanding of BCDR, but in most cases it seems that customers have given […]

Key findings on state of Operational Technology and cybersecurity

Environments running Operational technology (OT) are stepping up their focus on cybersecurity amid a growing number of attacks. This emerged in Fortinet’s recent State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report, which found about 74% of OT organisations have experienced a malware intrusion in the past 12 months, causing damages to productivity, revenue, brand trust, intellectual […]

Kaspersky expert on the enemy in your pocket: large-scale SIM swap fraud

With mobile phone payments now hugely popular, cybercriminals have been targeting the market in a wave of attacks. With SIM swap fraud nowadays conducted on a large scale, Fabio Assolini, Senior Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab, tells Intelligent CIO how cybercriminals complete the fraud and the best ways to avoid being […]

New CRI gives insight to the risk of breaches facing companies

Trend Micro and Ponemon have produced a new Cyber Risk Index (CRI) which gives insight to the risk of breaches for a number of different sized companies. To collate this material, Trend Micro and Ponemon surveyed over 1,000 IT professionals in the United States. To create the report, the CRI was calculated by reviewing a […]

Mimecast provide its thoughts on World Password Day

To change security behaviour effectively, Mimecast says that employees have to know what to do, care enough to improve, and then do what’s right when it matters.

Five ways automation puts time on your side during a DDos attack

A10 Networks has explored five ways automation can significantly improve your response time during a DDos attack. DDos attacks can be catastrophic, but the right knowledge and tactics can drastically improve your chances of avoiding and successfully mitigating attacks.

World Password Day: Industry experts offer their views

Industry experts have been sharing their views on passwords and password security to mark World Password Day. Here’s what they had to say… Cindy Provin, CEO, nCipher Security Whether we’re accessing our emails, checking our bank accounts or paying our bills, passwords remain at the forefront of our identification. However, as long as we still […]

Arcserve solves hybrid cloud and hyperconverged data protection challenges

Arcserve Southern Africa has revealed that data protection provider, Arcserve, has announced the newest version of Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP). This is the industry’s leading solution for comprehensive protection of every type of workload. Powered by heterogeneous, image-based technology, this release was specifically designed to remove the multiple points of failure typically introduced into […]

Red Hat announces latest version of virtualisation platform

Red Hat, a leading global provider of open source solutions, has announced Red Hat Virtualization 4.3, the latest version of Red Hat’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)-powered virtualisation platform, will be generally available in May 2019. Built on the trusted enterprise foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Virtualization 4.3 is designed to deliver greater […]

Secureworks launches new cybersecurity analytics application

Secureworks, a leading cybersecurity company that keeps organisations safe in the digitally connected world, has announced the launch of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that will transform the way companies detect, investigate and respond to cyberthreats. Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a security analytics application that continuously applies more than 20 years of […]

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